Xbox One backwards compatible games list – every old game you can play today

Xbox One backwards compatible games allow you to rediscover some of the greatest moments from the console’s history, or to experience them for the time on the latest consoles. 

Microsoft announced that no more games would be added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility library (opens in new tab) in June 2019, so this is a complete list of every vintage game you can play on Xbox One. 

 We’ve compiled them all here for easy browsing, so if you’ve got a stack of old games lying around, why not see if they’re now playable on Xbox One? There’s a certain magic to replaying and enjoying the games of yesteryear on a modern console – and all that hard drive space ensures that you can clear out your closet and go digital with your Xbox game collection. Should you need the best Xbox One accessories (opens in new tab) to play them with, be sure to check out our roundup.

Xbox One backward compatible games A to C

Xbox One backward compatible games D to G

Xbox One backward compatible games H to M

Xbox One backward compatible games N to Z 

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