You can play Squid Game for yourself thanks to game creation platform Core

A group of modders are using game creation system Core to recreate the games from hit Netflix series Squid Game.

Deep Horizons, a team of six based in Chile, has created a number of levels inspired by the show, including the iconic Red Light, Green Light, within Core. The platform bears some similarities to platforms like Media Molecules’ Dreams, but allows players to create their games in the Unreal Engine.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Deep Horizon’s Axel Leiva said that the first level of ‘Squid Fish Game‘ sprung simply from the team’s love of the series; “with the experience we have using Core, the first thing we did was to think about how we could implement the games in the platform and which levels would be the easiest to develop in a short time.” With the viral nature and “explosive popularity” of the series, the team hoped to attract players as quickly as possible, a goal aided by “the ease with which you can develop an idea,” within Core.

Starting out with Red Light, Green Light, and the Glass Bridge Challenge, as well as the starting area, the team has since added the Honeycomb challenge and the titular Squid Game. The team hopes to add some of the show’s other games, and is looking forward to a potential second season. Having claimed the award for Best Remaster in Core’s invitational Game Jam, Deep Horizons is continuing to work on other projects on the platform.

Core differentiates itself from the likes of Dreams because it’s built in Unreal and is PC-only. According to Patrick Buechner, chief marketing officer at developer Manticore Games, that offers the platform’s games “the depth and rich visual quality that has attracted more experienced gamers.”

The show’s success is spreading – GTA 5 community servers are being filled with Squid Game clones.

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