Forget Justice League, Zack Snyder wants you to vote for Army of the Dead at the Oscars

The Oscars Fan Favorite category, newly introduced this year, has been a fairly chaotic affair. Everyone expected Spider-Man: No Way Home to easily take the award, which is voted on by Twitter users, yet the critically mauled Cinderella leads the competition. Now, Zack Snyder has stepped in and asked fans to vote for his movie Army of the Dead.

Deadline (opens in new tab) previously reported that Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the 2021 re-cut of Justice League, would have been the most-voted movie on Twitter. However, due to technically being a director’s cut of a movie that was previously eligible for Oscars, the so-called Snyder Cut is not eligible for the award.

Using the social media app Vero (opens in new tab), Snyder called on fans to vote for Army of the Dead instead – and, considering his legion of followers managed to convince Warner Bros. to fund a new version of Justice League, there’s every chance the Netflix zombie flick could take home the Oscar.

Elsewhere at the Oscars, The Power of the Dog leads the main nominations (AKA those not voted on by Twitter users) closely followed by Dune. There’s a large chance that Power of the Dog will take home the Best Picture statuette, though there’s some fierce competition from West Side Story and Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast

There were whisperings around Hollywood that Spider-Man: No Way Home could pick up a nomination, but that never transpired (and was also seemingly the reason that the Academy introduced the Fan Favourite category). 

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