A new Breath of the Wild glitch has been discovered and its “busted as hell”

A newfound Breath of the Wild glitch lets players duplicate item slots and take items with them into a new save file – yes, even the Bow of Light. 

As shared by the YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented (opens in new tab), there is a way to duplicate item slots and transfer items into new save files in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the video, we get to not only see this glitch in action but also find out exactly how to pull it off ourselves. You can watch the full video and find out how it’s done below. 

Just like it’s explained in the video, this is a slightly complicated glitch to pull off. If you want to try it yourself though, all players need to do is firstly overload the number of Shock Arrows in the game by equipping a multi-shot bow, aiming a shock arrow, dropping the bow, and repeating the sequence until the glitch kicks in and Link is missing a few body parts in the menu. 

Next, stay in the menu and get Link to hold up to four different items at once, but you must have at least one item remaining left in the stack in your inventory. Following this, you can pick up the bows you dropped previously and sell the remaining items left in your inventory to our good old pal Beedle or another shop. After this, drop and then pick back up one more item. You can repeat this cycle as many times as you want to get more glitched slots, too. 

As explained in the video, these slots contain copies of the last few items in your inventory and will stay with Link until you close the game completely. The last step requires players to head to the title screen and start a new game – in the video, the player starts again in ‘Master Mode’. Once here, you’ll be given the Sheikah Slate and should have the four items you previously saved in your inventory again. 

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