A player has discovered flying fish in Horizon Forbidden West

A Horizon Forbidden West player has found a glitch that makes adorable little fish fly. 

In Horizon Forbidden West, there have been a plethora of discoveries that have made the community chuckle or gaze in wonderment. Redditor u/M3Rocket took a photo of Aloy looking at a school of fish who almost look like they are flying. In Horizon Forbidden West, fish are useful for crafting and upgrading material, but we’re not quite sure they should be flying like that. No other players have reported seeing the flying fish, which leads to the conclusion that it may be a glitch.

The nature in the game is impressively detailed, and it even has an AI system to manage the placement of everything, which all helps to make the worldbuilding more realistic. However, with a game this large and complex, glitches can happen. As the Reddit poster notes, the kelp is too close to the shore, and as the fish are in the harvestable kelp, they are stuck between the land and sea, making it appear like they are flying. The movement of the water and waves give off the illusion that the fish are suspended in mid-flight. 

If the glitch persists, Guerrilla Games has been very good at addressing issues and fixing them. One update that fans are waiting on is any details of potential DLC. After all, players think they have already found the site for it. However, until then, Guerrilla is releasing regular patches to address issues and make tweaks to the game. 

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the first games that has succeeded where most have failed in the underwater scenes. With swift controls, it’s made even better with Aloy’s scuba diving kit, meaning players don’t need to worry about drowning. But certain death comes in the form of the machines that lurk underwater, which Aloy cannot fight. 

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