A slow January may yield more Xbox Series X restocks this month

Xbox series X restocks are still hard to come by and have been suffering a particularly concerning outage over the last few weeks. However, we’d recommend keeping a close eye on stores like Target, Gamestop and Walmart this week. These retailers have been the most consistent with their drops in January, and retail patterns suggest that early February will have more Xbox Series X restocks up for grabs. 

Target (opens in new tab) seems to be the place for those of you wanting to get your hands on the Series X as they seem to be having regular stock with more incoming this week, according to Target expert and restock tracker Jake Randal (opens in new tab)

GameStop (opens in new tab) managed to provide some Xbox series X restocks earlier last month, however was sold out nearly immediately. A second wave of bundles landed at $600, making stand alone consoles difficult to purchase, however it has been rumored that GameStop will be dropping its prices. That means any shortages that were leading GameStop to up their bundle prices may have been resolved (to the only degree Xbox Series X stock shortages can be, at least).

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Microsoft (opens in new tab) has also returned with its surprise invitation drops. This practice is entirely random, with invitations being sent via their mailing list, so if you’re hoping to get an xbox via this route you might be waiting a while. However, Microsoft has been a lot more consistent in its Xbox Series X restocks over the last few weeks, offering new consoles far more regularly than before. If you are lucky to receive an invite this week, you will be able to create your own bundle of games and accessories.

Walmart (opens in new tab) also had another restock earlier last month, however it was a Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) subscribers only purchase. It might be worthwhile subscribing as they do seem to have a regular stock of Xbox Series X’s. We don’t expect to see many Xbox Series X restocks in the near future here, though, as the retailer is still trying to fill previous orders from their January drop.

However, their Xbox All Access plan might be more beneficial. The program allows you to purchase the console as well as a 24 month Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $34.99 per month (opens in new tab). This is a good offer for those of you wanting a Series X and were thinking of getting Game Pass, which holds some great first day releases on AAA titles. Additionally for any UK buyers, Game and Asda also hold the same offer for £28.99 per month.

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates

How to find Xbox Series X restocks

It’s not easy to locate each and every Xbox Series X restock, but with over a year of chasing those black boxes under our belts, we’ve picked up a thing or two. You’ll find all our top tips for securing your own drop right here.

We’d recommend following social media pages that alert their followers on possible drops. Many of them give dates, times and locations for possible stock. Also try having some news alerts for any news about possible restocks. This way you’ll be up to date with any news. 

It’s worthwhile signing up to mailing lists, and possible subscriptions if it’s within your budget. If dont have the capability to constantly track when a Series X is available, the subscriptions like All Access might be for you. 

 Lastly, don’t give up and don’t go to a third party reseller. Stock will come and go, so be patient and you’ll find one. 

If you manage to speed through checkout in today’s Xbox Series X restock we’d recommend checking out the best Xbox Series X accessories and all the best Xbox Game Pass deals to get you started with your new console. Or, if you’re simply after a cheaper experience, take a look at everything you get for the Xbox Series S price.

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