Another Crabs Treasure is a true-blue Souls-like starring a hermit crab

Another Crab’s Treasure is a “crustacean-themed Souls-like” where you play as a crab battling it out in the polluted sea.

Revealed earlier today during a Nintendo Indie World Showcase by the appropriately-named Aggro Crab, Another Crab’s Treasure is set to launch in 2023 on PC and Nintendo Switch. You can check out the debut reveal trailer for the action-packed Shells-like just below.

After revealing that satirical underwater puzzler Going Under didn’t make them rich, the developers behind Another Crab’s Treasure confirmed that they’re now giving the people what they clearly want: crabs. That promise is fulfilled by the new game, which blends hectic hack-and-slash action with underwater crustaceans for some tough combat.

As protagonist Kril, you’ll explore a giant sea bed throughout Another Crab’s Treasure. The surrounding water’s pretty polluted with trash, but Kril can use that to their advantage, hiding underneath discarded cans and over 50 other objects to make a protective shield for themselves.

“I’ve had this game idea about a hermit crab that wears trash as a shell for like six years and nobody would let me do it,” Aggro Crab art director Nick Kaman said in a press release. “They would say things like ‘We don’t have the budget’ or ‘You literally just drew a picture of a crab on a paper towel.’ That’s when Kowloon Nights came in with a fat stack of cash and bankrolled this dumb game about crabs eating garbage and fighting other crabs during the end of the world. Now Another Crab’s Treasure is real and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

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