Another Fallout: London modder gets a job at Bethesda

Bethesda has just hired another member of the development team behind the massive Fallout: London mod.

The Fallout: London team revealed today that Ryan Johnson, formerly lead technical advisor on the project, will be joining Bethesda as an associate level designer. “The man’s professionalism and dedication will honestly and truly be missed and felt throughout the team, however it brings hand on heart joy to know that he will be taking his amazing talents to a company we all love,” the mod team says.

“We are excited to see the worlds he can build for Bethesda, because from what we’ve seen here at FOLON, we’ll all be in for a treat!”

We have a few very special and bittersweet announcements for you all today.Please read: 30, 2022

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However, Johnson isn’t the only Fallout: London developer offered a role on a Bethesda game. Project lead Dean Carter was offered a role at Double Eleven, a contract studio which has worked on Fallout 76. “However, through some very hard soul searching,” the London team says, Carter “decided to decline the offer of an industry role to continue working [on] Fallout: London through until the very end.”

Bethesda hired another Fallout: London modder last year, as head writer Stephanie Zachariadis joined the studio as an associate quest designer.

Fallout: London is a “DLC-sized” mod for Fallout 4. It recently got a fantastic new trailer as well as a planned 2023 release date. Between that and Starfield, next year is starting to look pretty crowded for fans of this particular brand of open-world RPGs.

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