ARMA Reforger has been officially revealed and will pave the way for ARMA 4

ARMA Reforger has been officially revealed, paving the way for ARMA 4, the next game in the military sim series. 

ARMA Reforger, the next instalment in the long-running military shooter series, was unveiled by Bohemia Interactive yesterday during a Twitch live stream (opens in new tab) event. The game’s existence doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, given that a document detailing the game was recently leaked online, swiftly followed by an ESRB rating. But Bohemia Interactive still had plenty of new details to share.

The stream kicked off with confirmation that ARMA 4 is coming, but most of the developer’s time was dedicated to ARMA Reforger. “The scope is unlike anything we have ever undertaken,” explains the studio’s CEO Marek Spanel, before outlining his vision for the newly announced game. The developer describes Reforger as a “versatile, creative, fully-moddable platform for the future” as well as an “important and exciting milestone” on the road to ARMA 4. 

Arma Reforger is a small sample of the kind of experience that fans can expect from ARMA 4. It uses the same technology as the series’ upcoming fourth entry and represents something of a return to the series’ roots. Set in 1989, during the Cold War era, ARMA Reforger takes place on the 51 sq km island of Everon, a remake of the map from the first game, ARMA: Cold War Assault.

Bohemia Interactive is keen for players to help shape the experience by providing feedback, and the developer certainly isn’t waiting around. They’ve announced that ARMA Reforger is available now through Early Access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview (opens in new tab) for $29.99 / £24.99.

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