At long last, Destiny 2 lets you pet the dog

Destiny 2 has released something that is 100% pure, unadulterated wholesome goodness: an emote you can buy that summons a very good dog, which you can then of course pet to your heart’s content.

As spotted by the ever-watchful Twitter account Can You Pet The Dog?, there’s a new emote in Destiny 2’s in-game store that’s listed as a charity item. If you buy it, it lets you give your adorable holographic doggy friend a well-deserved – and frankly long overdue – pet on the head. Better yet, Destiny 2 lead community manager Cozmo confirmed that 100% of the proceeds for the emote’s sales will benefit the Bungie Foundation (opens in new tab), which is a nonprofit charity that runs the iPads for Kids program and partners with humanitarian aid organizations during natural disasters and crises. 

Following an update, you can now pet the dog in Destiny 2 25, 2022

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Destiny has allowed you to pet both the cat (opens in new tab) and the chicken (opens in new tab) for some time now, so it’s about dang time it let you pet the most pettable animal out there. Don’t get me wrong, cats and chickens are perfectly pettable, but with cats you run the risk of triggering their predator instincts and having your arm torn to shreds, and live chickens just aren’t as easy to come by unless you live on a farm.

Anyway, Destiny 2 now has a pettable dog you can buy and your money goes to a charity, and if that isn’t just a distilled double dose of serotonin right there, I don’t know what is.

Destiny 2 Season 17 is officially the Season of the Haunted (opens in new tab), and it’s packing the big Solar 3.0 subclass update.

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