The internet is loving Tales of the Jedis Baby Ahsoka: “Major Baby Yoda vibes”

The first look at the upcoming Star Wars show Tales of the Jedi has introduced Baby Ahsoka Tano – and the internet can’t get enough of her. 

The show will be an anthology series consisting of six episodes, with three focused on Count Dooku – featuring Liam Neeson returning as Dooku’s Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn – and the other three focused on Ahsoka. We’ll see her early days as a baby Togruta, and the cuteness is proving too much for the internet to handle. 

“For those wondering, major Baby Yoda vibes with Baby Ahsoka in Tales of the Jedi,” says one person present at the Star Wars Celebration panel. “Discussions on who is cuter will undoubtedly happen.” 

For those wondering, major Baby Yoda vibes with Baby Ahsoka in Tales of the Jedi. Discussions on who is cuter will undoubtedly happen. 29, 2022

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They account also reports that the panel itself featured something overwhelmingly adorable (opens in new tab): “A beautiful moment during the Tales of the Jedi panel. Baby Ahsoka in the episode coos several times. In response to one of the coos, a baby in the audience cooed back” 

“WHERE IS THE TALES OF THE JEDI TRAILER?! I WANNA SEE BABY AHSOKA!” demands another fan (opens in new tab)

This person is overwhelmed (opens in new tab): “LOOK AT BABY AHSOKA AND HER MOM PLEASE I AM SOBBING” 

“Baby Ahsoka is the cutest ever I’m-” thinks this tweeter (opens in new tab)

“Baby Ahsoka is ridiculously cute I can’t take it,” agrees another person (opens in new tab).  

More people (opens in new tab) are making those Grogu comparisons: “You thought baby Yoda was cute, meet Baby #Ahsoka”  

“Not only are we getting animated Ahsoka back but we’re getting Baby Ahsoka and her mom, Togruta culture and Ahsoka’s family, and an Ahsoka and Anakin reunion this is all I ever wanted I am screaming” says another fan (opens in new tab)

That reunion between Ahsoka and her onetime teacher Anakin Skywalker has a lot of people emotional, too. 

“Gonna lose it when I see Anakin and Ahsoka reunited in Tales of the Jedi,” says one person.

Gonna lose it when i see Anakin and Ahsoka reunited in Tales of the Jedi 🤧 29, 2022

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“Tales of the Jedi…. I don’t know if I’m gonna handle seeing Clone Wars era Ahsoka and Anakin again I think I might combust spontaneously,” says this excited fan (opens in new tab)

Tales of the Jedi will arrive on Disney Plus this fall. While you wait, check out our guide on watching Star Wars movies in order to catch up on the galaxy far, far away. 

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