Possible RTX 30-series restock coming at Best Buy on Friday

RTX 30-series restocks have been a desperate search recently, especially knowing where to buy RTX 3080 GPUs (and other RTX 30-series cards), but it could be finally coming to an end for some lucky Best Buy (opens in new tab) shoppers this week, via in-store collection at certain locations. 

This leak comes from credible Twitter source @GPURestock that accurately predicted the previous Best Buy RTX-30 series restock which happened last month, so it’s definitely worth taking seriously if you’re looking to buy an RTX 3060, find RTX 3070 stock, and other best graphics cards, for their respective MSRPs.

Best Buy In-Store Leaks Recap- People close to store managers saying the tickets will be given out on Friday- Using the Best Buy App you can check if the locations near you have already received their stockSearch for RTX > Tap on Show In Stock in the top left corner pic.twitter.com/8Innq9XsucSeptember 27, 2021

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It’s also been reported that various Best Buy store managers have said that RTX 30-series restocks will be happening in person on Friday, with evidence that some locations could be carrying GPU stock in a location near you, so get down to your local Best Buy store early on Friday, October 1 to avoid any potential disappointment, as any RTX 30-series cards that could appear are not likely to hang around long.

It’s worth stating that if you head over to Best Buy’s website right now (opens in new tab), under some RTX 30-series models is the text: ‘High Demand Product’ which is followed by ‘this item is currently sold out but we are working to get more inventory.’ 

The Twitter account has said that some cards in their region of the US were showing the status of: ‘Pick up not available’ on Nvidia Founders Edition RTX 30-series cards. It’s also worth stating that from what we could see on certain RTX-30 series models on Best Buy (opens in new tab)‘s website, text reading: ‘high demand product’ followed by ‘this item is currently sold out but we are working to get more inventory’ is a much more encouraging sign than the generic ‘sold out’ text we’ve seen consistently since just after launch in September 2020. This implies that certain Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI RTX-30 series video cards could be available on Friday in-store, too. 

If these GPUs are in fact available for collection, it would mean an end to a long and painful searching period that’s hung over the years of would-be PC builders and emerging PC gamers for an entire year now. Because of this potential opportunity, we advise that, if you live close to a Best Buy store (or can make a trip out early), for a chance at getting a new graphics card without wading through the endless sea of resellers and scalpers, that you should absolutely take it as it’s currently very unlikely that such probable RTX-30 series stock drop is going to happen again any time soon. 

Once you’ve scored that shiny new RTX 30-series GPU, keep your rig running at top speed with the best SSD for gaming and the best RAM for gaming. And If you’re unsuccessful today, you can hopefully try again with the upcoming Black Friday graphics card deals, or go portable with the Black Friday gaming laptop deals.  

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