The best cheap iPad Air deals, sales, and prices in July 2022

iPad Air deals are big business right now, with the new 2022 model seeing its first few discounts in the US, while offering an MSRP similar to that of the previous model. Of course, that also means prices on the previous iPad Air model (2020) are also taking some heavy cuts at the moment as well, so there’s plenty of savings on one of the best gaming tablets for the taking. 

The $599 / £569 iPad Air price occupies a mid-range space between the everyday devices and the far more capable iPad Pros. That’s excellent for those who need a little more power than would be required for Netflix or simple note-taking, but don’t want to shell out more than $700 / £700.

We’ve seen iPad Air deals on the new model hitting as low as $569 already, but that’s just the start. The previous model saw record lows of $499 / £469 in its lifetime, so there’s plenty to look forward to. With that in mind, if the previous generation prices are anywhere near those of the new version we’d heavily recommend prioritising that M1 chip – that value far exceeds the extra pennies spent.

We’re rounding up all the latest iPad Air sales from the web’s retailers just below, but if you’re after bigger savings on more powerful tablets, check out the best iPad Pro deals available. 

Today’s best 2022 iPad Air deals

Apple iPad Air 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

The new 2022 iPad Air will appeal to those after a boost in processing power first and foremost, and it’s the model we’d recommend the vast majority of buyers aim for right now. The prices are a slight jump, but you’re future-proofing yourself even further with that M1 processor even if other aspects of the tablet’s design remain the same. We’ve even started to see some early savings on this device, with $30 discounts appearing at Amazon US. 

Today’s best 2020 iPad Air deals

iPad Air (2020)

(Image credit: Apple)

You’ll find even lower prices on the 2020 iPad Air right now, thanks to the release of the new 2022 model. While we don’t tend to see Apple keeping its older devices on the shelves much past the release date of its latest models, there are still some solid discounts to sweep up if you’re quick and don’t need that M1 processor. 

Where to find more iPad Air deals

If the prices above aren’t quite standing out for you, there are a number of retailers we’d recommend keeping a close eye on for more iPad Air deals. These are the stores that have offered the most consistent discounts on Apple’s middle child, and those that have previously hit those record lows. 



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