Better Call Saul episode 3: Nachos death has left fans devastated

Better Call Saul is wasting no time amping up the drama for its final season as the latest episode ended with a major character’s death. Spoilers ahead.

Better Call Saul episode 3 saw the stakes getting ever higher as Nacho’s (Mando Michael) fate was revealed. The episode began where the last left off, with Nacho on the run from the Cousins after Gus placed a death sentence on his head.

He tries to evade the cartel by hiding in a kind stranger’s home as well as dunking himself in a barrel of oil. However, he soon realizes he has little choice but to meet his maker. But he can cut a deal – he agrees to sell the story Gus wants if he makes a promise to leave his dad out of the business.

In his final moments, he tells the Salamancas exactly what he thinks of them, killing himself before they can touch him. The shocking conclusion to Nacho’s story has left many fans reeling.

Taking to Twitter to share their devastation, one simply wrote: “I will be in silence and pain until next Monday.” While another urged: “If you have a Better Call Saul fan in your life, please respect their privacy at this time. Thank you.” A third fan commented after the episode aired: “I am honestly heartbroken.”

Others praised Mando Michael’s performance in the latest episode, calling for him to get an Emmy come awards season. One viewer penned: “Absolutely brilliant performance by the extraordinary Mando Michael. I was cheering the entire time until, you know, that one part.” A second added: “They should give an Emmy to Michael Mando for his portrayal of Nacho. From beginning to end, he has shown some of the best acting chops on TV.”

Another viewer felt the moment was a fitting tribute to his character, who has been a central part of Better Call Saul since the spin-off series began. They wrote: “Nacho Varga is one of my favorite fictional characters. What an amazing character arc. Tonight’s symbolism with the oil tanker and the phone call with his father… He sacrificed purely for love. And this was love’s final act.”

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