Bizarre Spider-Man PC bug leaves some players unable to photograph the Empire State Building

A bizarre glitch in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC has players on certain graphics cards unable to photograph the Empire State Building in an early story mission, completely blocking progression through the game.

‘Landmarking’ is the seventh main mission in Spider-Man, taking place early in the game’s first act. It asks you to take a photograph of the Empire State Building. You can do so from the mission’s starting point – you take out your camera, adjust it until you see a green circle, and then snap the shutter. Boom, mission complete, letting you take photographs of other landmarks as a type of collectable, and allowing you to see the next part of the story.

But for some PC players using Intel GPUs, they can’t complete the mission because the reticle never turns green. The devs described this as a known issue in a patch release (opens in new tab) shortly after launch, and now they say Intel is working on a driver update to correct the problem (opens in new tab). If you’re affected, that means you’re going to need to wait for an update for your GPU rather than a patch for the game itself.

You’re unlikely to run into the issue if you’re on a proper, standalone PC with a discrete graphics card. Intel GPUs are typically lower-performance bits of hardware directly integrated with your computer’s motherboard, though the company is currently working to release its own line of dedicated graphics cards to compete with Nvidia and AMD.

Regardless of whether you’re currently able to complete Spider-Man, its small-scale sequel, Miles Morales, is due to hit PC later this year.

If you want to make the most of the port, check out our guide to the best Spider-Man mods for PC.

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