Blizzard is reportedly working on an “unannounced FPS PVP project”

Blizzard recently had an “unannounced FPS PVP project” in development according to a past employee’s LinkedIn page.

As spotted by @FaizanShaikh7681 (opens in new tab) on Twitter, a past employee of Blizzard features the mysterious game on their LinkedIn profile. According to the previous experience section on Kristopher Howl’s page (opens in new tab), the lead/principal game designer worked at Blizzard from 2012 – 2020 and during this time worked on Overwatch 2, the canceled game Titan, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, and the unannounced game. 

Explaining their work on the project, Howl says they worked on the “unannounced FPS PVP project” for over three years and were responsible for a number of aspects of the game including “Level, UX, Combat and Systems design, guiding new level building technology, aligning teams on the vision of the project, hiring, and designing gameplay systems.”

Blizzard Entertainment is Working on Unannounced FPS PVP Project@bogorad222 @XcloudTimdog @IdleSloth84 @JezCorden u recently saw Blizzard Roadmap any idea??Source: #XboxGamePass 25, 2022

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Unfortunately, this list of skills doesn’t actually give us much to go off in terms of what project this is. But this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard of an “unannounced Blizzard project.” In fact, earlier this year, it was rumored that Blizzard is working on a new unannounced game. Not only this, but Blizzard is also working on a survival game set in “a whole new universe.” So that’s two possible games that Howl could be referring to. 

Back in February, Blizzard was also spotted hiring for another unannounced project but this time, one based on an existing franchise. The job was for a lead content designer and required the successful applicant to have an interest in tabletop RPGs.

A studio of Blizzard’s size often has numerous projects in development at once, but we don’t know if this project is still in development at time of writing, or if it suffered a similar fate to the aforementioned ‘Titan’, which was internally cancelled back in 2014. 

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