An epidemic is raging in a new Bloodborne comic, and its up to the Hunters to stop it

Dust off your saw cleaver and blunderbuss, and return to Yharnam in a new Bloodborne comic book series launching this May from Titan Comics.

Acclaimed horror writer Cullen Bunn and returning Bloodborne comic artists Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson are launching a new Bloodborne series in May – beginning with a free first issue to be offered as part of Free Comic Book Day on May 7.

Free Comic Book Day: Bloodborne cover

Free Comic Book Day: Bloodborne cover (Image credit: Piotr Kowalski/Brad Simpson (Titan Comics))

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The new series’ first arc will focus on a “cruel and unusual epidemic” that is beginning to ravage the city of Yharnam, and who else but the Hunters step in to try to stop it. There’s a particularly gruesome-looking Winter Lantern in Kowalski/Simpson’s cover for the Free Comic Book Day: Bloodborne special – perhaps the epidemic is related to their ability to cast Frenzy?

The new series follows the excellent four-volume Bloodborne series by Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski collected by Titan as A Song of Crows (opens in new tab), The Death of Sleep (opens in new tab), The Healing Thirst (opens in new tab), and The Veil Torn Asunder (opens in new tab).

Bloodborne ranks high on GamesRader’s 100 best games of the ’10s, and for good reason; it’s a gothic nightmare of an experience, channeling all that was good from Dark Souls into one of the coolest and most atmospheric games in recent memory.

News of a new Bloodborne comic is welcome as we all collectively anticipate a rumored sequel to the great Bloodborne game and the very real Elden Ring (also part of the ‘Souls’ series of games) on February 25.

The new Bloodborne comic begins on May 7, as part of Free Comic Book Day.

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