Breath of the Wild Mount Rhoam footrace completed in 23 seconds using clever bomb hack

A Breath of the Wild player has demonstrated how a pretty simple bomb hack can help you beat the challenging Mount Rhoam footrace in under 25 seconds, leaving your NPC challenger utterly humiliated.

If you aren’t familiar with this particular mini-game in Breath of the Wild, well, you’re not alone – the top comment on the video below is from someone who was amazed that they hadn’t come across it yet. Regardless, the Mount Rhoam footrace starts in the Hyrule Ridge region, where you’re challenged by a local Hylian named Konba to a timed race up a nearby summit.

Naturally, Konba has a few rules in place for the competition. You can’t get on your horse, obviously, and you can’t veer too far off course. But apparently, Konba has no problem with you using bombs to shoot yourself into the sky and then paraglide to the finish line. Check out this cheeky little hack from Redditor Haakon-Loyning:

got_sub_25_seconds_at_the_foot_race_at_mount_rhoam from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

As mentioned earlier, this is a fairly obscure mini-game that might be new to some players reading this, but this seems to be the fastest recorded time for the race that doesn’t exploit a bug or use mods. The race is actually pretty tough on foot, so this is definitely worth trying if you’re tired of reaching the finish line just to see Konba’s smug face looking back at you.

Of course, this is just the latest in what seems to be an unending stream of discoveries still being made by Breath of the Wild players all these years from launch. Recently, Breath of the Wild speedrunners found a glitch that lets Link fly without a paraglider, and there’s also a new updraft trick you can use to send Link soaring to new heights. Oh, and did you know Breath of the Wild’s Guardians can drown? What other tricks might Breath of the Wild still be hiding from us?

Until the next Breath of the Wild secret is uncovered, here are some great games like Zelda to play.

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