Breath of the Wild player discovers you can feed acorns to Hyrules squirrels

 A The Legend of  Zelda: Breath Of the Wild player has discovered they can feed the squirrels in the game.

Breath of the Wild was released in 2017, however, five years after its release, players are still able to discover new gems in Hyrule. Reddit user u/aguapic posted a short clip of Link ‘feeding’ a squirrel. Link is shown tossing an acorn, which he had saved in his inventory, to two squirrels. Link’s hiding place isn’t exactly foolproof, but it does let us oversee one of the squirrels approach the nut, and take a nibble before the acorn fades from existence.   

Many of the comments show that this little gem wasn’t common knowledge. Attention to detail has been a major factor in making Breath of the Wild the legendary game it’s become. Aguapic may have felt like they unearthed a gem, but, one commenter referenced a YouTuber by the name of Wolf Link (opens in new tab), who also enjoys feeding the animals in the game, they feed Sand Seals, goats and Hateno sheep, Honeyvore bears, Eldin ostrich and many more in their video. They throw fruits, meat, grass, wheat or rice at the animals, and then try to gauge their reactions and note down their preferences. 

Breath of The Wild players seem to be naturally curious, but they aren’t just trying to feed nature’s skittish animals. One player managed to send Link flying into space with the help of 70K explosions, in a feat that took nine hours to send Link hurtling into the stratosphere above Hyrule. 

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