Bugsnax Cinnasnail

The Bugsnax Cinnasnail, as you may guess from their name (and definitely from their appearance), is a heady combination of a snail and a tasty iced cinnamon bun, which means they’re both very slow and very sticky. You’ll find them milling around in the Sugarpine Forest, and catching a Bugsnax Cinnasnail is a requirement during the Get Chandlo Back To Snaxburg quest, so you’ll need to know how to capture them to bring another Grumpus back to Snaxburg and move the story on. Although it’s not hard to collect them once you know the technique, the way they’re introduced can make things confusing at first, which is why we’re here to help by explaining how to catch a Cinnasnail in Bugsnax.

That’s because you will be asked to catch them by Chandlo, just after you retrieve his basketballs, and he will point to a Cinnasnail crawling around the rocks outside of this area, only accessible with the Grapple Gun. The game often does a bit of nudge nudge, wink wink when asking you to catch creatures after giving you a gadget, and by the time you reach the Cinnasnail, you’ll already have been through this loop a few times.

How to catch a Bugsnax Cinnasnail

Bugsnax Cinnasnail

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It’s natural then, that you would think this is the Cinnasnail to catch, and that the Grapple Gun is needed. In fact, neither are true. Instead, you catch the Cinnasnail immediately left of the Sugarpine Forest entrance, luring it off the wall using Chocolate from the Catapult. Set up a Trap just next to where the Cinnasnail is, then make a path of Chocolate. Make sure that you don’t get too close, as that will scare the ‘snak off. Also, the Kwookie nearby will also be attracted by the Chocolate, so you may want to trap that first.

The Kwookie can be caught in the Trap, especially if you hit the Trap itself with Chocolate, but moves very quickly. If it’s too quick, use a Trip Wire to make it stumble, scoop it up, and return to the Cinnasnail.

Occasionally, the Cinnasnail will crawl to the bottom of the wall but will not move onto the ground itself. If that’s the case, just set the Trap up as close as possible to the wall and it will still be able to scoop the Cinnasnail up.

Bugsnax Cinnasnail

(Image credit: Young Horses)

There is another Cinnasnail on the ridge above the far end of the map, where the Big Bopsicle wanders. You can lure this one down the same way, although you are best off standing on the raised area by Snorpy’s cabin rather than down below, as you don’t want the Big Bopsicle to see you. If it does, it will charge you, freeze you and knock you away, and will probably break the Trap, meaning catching the Cinnasnail becomes much more difficult. If catching this second one proves too difficult, you can sleep until the next day then return to the first Cinnasnail and catch that one again.

Once you’ve caught them, you’ll need to head back to Chandlo and feed them to him. If you accidentally give them to someone else first, they will respawn after sleeping, so don’t sweat it. All things considered, a Cinnasnail isn’t that hard a Bugsnak to catch, but because the game points you down the path of using the Grapple Gun, it does set you up for failure a little bit.

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