Bungie says Destiny 2 gun teasing “someone is going to die” is “not a coincidence”

Bungie says it’s no coincidence that a Destiny 2 weapon description is teasing the death of another character in the build-up to The Witch Queen. 

Destiny 2 recently reintroduced an old sidearm appropriately named Spoiler Alert. Its description reads: “Someone is going to die.” This is pretty ominous in and of itself, but it gets extra alarming once you realize that the last time Spoiler Alert was dropping at current Power levels was right before the release of the Forsaken expansion which killed off Cayde-6, one of the most popular Vanguard leaders. If this gun is the canary to the narrative coal mine, it’s safe to say we’ve got trouble. 

We recently spoke to Bungie about the build-up to The Witch Queen, turning Savathun into the game’s best villain yet, and how it’s turned seasons into gripping TV shows. Of course, we had to bring up the fan theories around Spoiler Alert in the interview. Surely its reappearance isn’t a coincidence?

“It’s not a coincidence,” senior narrative designer Nikko Stevens told us. “That’s all I’ll say.” 

Senior narrative lead Julia Nardin was even more reserved in her response. “No comment,” she said. 

Destiny 2 only just killed off faction leader Lakshmi-2 (to the delight of a grateful fan base), and it seems to be sharpening its axe once again. Naturally, Bungie couldn’t tell us who’s on the chopping block, but there’s no shortage of candidates. Osiris is unaccounted for, Crow is in a precarious position and would be a crushing loss, Mara Sov is more vulnerable than ever, and Ikora has been heavily featured in The Witch Queen marketing thus far. Honestly, it feels like a game of Clue. Several characters could conceivably die at this rate, this could be a good old-fashioned misdirect, or perhaps it’s all a hint at something subtler. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Bungie says we will definitely hear from some fan-favorite characters again in the future, including Caiatul and Calus

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