Call of Duty Warzones Godzilla finishing move lets you yeet opponents clear across the map

Warzone’s upcoming Godzilla crossover lets you spectacularly yeet players across the map.

Teasers and images have been circulating for some time, hinting that Godzilla could be coming to Call of Duty: Warzone. And last week, Activision officially announced that the King of the Monsters is lined up for the battle royale’s next crossover event. Warzone’s Operation Monarch update launches on May 11 and will see both Godzilla and King Kong added to the action.

The new Warzone Season 3 content has some fans excited for a very specific reason, a finishing move that lets you pick up enemies and send them flying across the map. Reddit user Devilxxx10000 posted a video of the move in action on Warzone’s subreddit (opens in new tab), saying, “Oh, I can’t wait to yeet people!” Other players are similarly enthusiastic. “I’m buying this one just for the yeet,” writes MJasdf. While Grim_Sleeper__ comments that the player on the receiving end of this mighty move was “Yeeted into another game’s universe”.

godzilla_bundle_finishing_move_and_weapon_inspect from r/CODWarzone

The short clip also showcases the “Breath of Godzilla” weapon. This assault rifle looks like a mini Godzilla and shoots icy-blue heat ray tracers in a nod to the monster’s heat ray attack. 

The next Warzone is being developed alongside the Modern Warfare sequel. Activision has recently announced that Warzone’s successor will be revealed this year with “groundbreaking innovations”. And Call of Duty cheaters are in for a tough time as an anti-cheat system means they can’t see or hear enemy players.

Find out if your favourite entry in Activision’s shooter series has made the cut as we rank the 10 best Call of Duty games.

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