Can we expect a Prime Day PS5 restock?

With Amazon’s annual sale bonanza on the horizon, you might be wondering if a Prime Day PS5 restock will turn up. And you know what? We’re wondering the same thing. Now that the company has changed how it organises stock drops, the whole situation is more confusing than ever.

That’s because it’s an invite-only affair these days – you’ve got to ‘request an invite (opens in new tab)‘ with Amazon for a chance of buying the console when it becomes available. And because Prime Day itself is only a few days away, that opportunity might come around sooner than later. With that in mind, and to give you the best chance of securing a potential Prime Day PS5 restock, we’ve gone into detail on how the whole thing works below. 

Will there be a Prime Day PS5 restock?

And there it is, the million-dollar question. Can we expect a Prime Day PS5 restock? It’s impossible to say for sure, but Amazon has been allowing users to request an invite to buy without providing the goods for a little while. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean a Prime Day drop is guaranteed, it’s a sensible time for it to happen nonetheless. What better way to get eyes on your site for Prime Day than with full-blown PS5 restocks? It makes a lot of sense on paper.

As such, we’d give the chances of a Prime Day PS5 restock a tentative ‘maybe’. While we’re reluctant to say it’ll happen for sure (we’ve been burnt by that before), it’s a solid enough guess to make requesting an invite (opens in new tab) a good idea. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? You don’t lose anything by signing up; users are randomly allocated the opportunity to buy with a lottery system rather than the old, and very stressful, free-for-all. That way you can relax, keep an eye on your email for notifications, and browse other Prime Day PS5 deals while you wait.

So, here’s the TLDR: there might be a Prime Day PS5 restock, but it’s not guaranteed. Request an invite (opens in new tab) to buy just in case.

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PS5 | $499.99 at Amazon – request an invite (opens in new tab)
We wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon dropped a Prime Day PS5 restock next week, but the only way you’ll get hold of it is by requesting an invite to buy now. If a drop does happen and you’re lucky enough to be chosen at random, you’ll be sent a link to buy via email.

View Deal (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)

PS5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle | $549.99 at Amazon – request an invite (opens in new tab)
You can also request an invite to buy the Horizon bundle containing the console and the game. Because this pack saves you $20 (which is a rarity considering how hard stock has been to find), we’d recommend prioritizing this PS5 bundle (opens in new tab) if you’re interested in trying the game even if it’s later down the line.

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PS5 restocks: the latest updates

How to use Amazon’s new PS5 restock system

How on earth does this system work? No matter whether we get Prime Day PS5 restocks as part of 2022’s Prime Day gaming deals or not, the process is identical. Basically, you ‘request an invite’ to buy either the standard PS5 console (listed at $499.99 (opens in new tab)) or the bundle by hitting the yellow button where ‘add to cart’ would normally be. Lucky shoppers chosen at random will then be emailed when PS5 stock goes live, giving them an opportunity to buy via an exclusive link that lasts for 72 hours.

Curious as to why Amazon has decided to shake things up with this new system? It’s all about bots – or rather, stopping them. The invites should help avoid the chaotic free-for-all where bots would buy consoles en-masse (and then resell them at an absurd mark up), so it’ll actually give you a better chance of securing the system. In theory, anyway.

Check for PS5 restocks today

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