Chrono Trigger-inspired indie RPG Sea of Stars delayed to 2023

Indie developer Sabotage Studios, known for the excellent action-platformer The Messenger, has announced that its upcoming RPG Sea of Stars has been delayed to 2023.

“Keeping in mind our two main priorities – quality of life for our team and quality of the finished game – we can now confirm that Sea of Stars will be released in 2023,” the devs explain in a Twitter message. “We understand waiting is a big ask, and want to sincerely thank our community for the overwhelming support and positive vibes. In the meantime, we are looking at options to get a playable slice out to everyone this year.”

Sea of Stars will release in 2023 30, 2022

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Exactly what form such a “playable slice” might take remains to be seen, but any opportunity to get to play Sea of Stars is exciting.

Sea of Stars hit Kickstarter in 2020, raising over $1 million USD during the campaign. Initial estimates suggested the game would launch in March 2022 though, obviously, that release window came and went.

Like Sabotage Studios’ previous game, Sea of Stars is a retro throwback, but this time the point of inspiration is Chrono Trigger. This is a 16-bit style RPG where you see your enemies on the overworld and fight them on the very same screen – no grinding through random battles required. If the screenshots and trailers above didn’t get the point across, it’s also absolutely gorgeous.

Sea of Stars is scheduled to hit PC and Switch at launch, with other platforms to be determined.

Perhaps some of the other best Switch indie games can keep you occupied until Sea of Stars launches.

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