Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair review: “A premium chair, at a non-premium price”

Corsair is a household name when it comes to PC components, famous for providing high-quality gear and an extensive range of peripherals, but does the Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair live up to its reputation?

The Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair is a $320/£299 gaming chair (thought it can often be had for less), so it sits comfortably under the top rated from the likes of Secret Labs and in the mid-range of the scale. But will you sit comfortably on the T3, and does it warrant its place on our best gaming chair guide? The short answer is ‘yes’, but read on for all the details.

Construction, design, and features

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair

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For the Corsair T3 Rush, construction is a relatively simple task. The fairly large box contains everything you need to put it together, including a funky little hex key/screwdriver combo tool that I’m definitely keeping for use elsewhere. I always try to make building a gaming chair as ‘difficult’ as it could be, so as to ensure the experience is real and genuine – as a result, I approached it on my own, and in my own small office room. Being limited on space and hands didn’t cause me any trouble though: the T3 Rush was built in about 15 minutes, and I got it right the first time (a rarity). The instructions are clear, with the majority of the build being intuitive as well as easily explained.

Upon completion, the first reaction is that the chair looks great: the subtle gray fabric, suitably sized bolsters, and unobtrusive flair make this chair perfect for those who spend their days working, and their evening’s gaming on the same chair. It’s easily subtle enough for zoom meetings, but ‘gamer-y’ enough for furious adrenaline-filled battles. 

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair

(Image credit: Future/Frederick Stringer)

The chair comes in grey and white (like our review unit) and other options of charcoal, or charcoal and grey – all are equally good-looking chairs and will fit into most aesthetics and setups. A big part of this is the material used; the soft, breathable covering on the chair looks great, but is also functional, helping to maintain a stable temperature more effectively than any leather or leather-style chair I have tested. For me, this is a deal-breaker as I tend to run pretty hot when gaming – even more so during intense or stressful multiplayer gaming sessions.

The armrests look (a bit) like carbon fibre weave, but they are actually hard-wearing but soft cushions – these are extremely comfortable, highly adjustable, and feel as sturdy as the rest of the chair. The casters – often an area of weakness on cheap gaming chairs – coped equally well over thick carpet or wood flooring, moving freely, but still remaining stable.

Overall, everything feels very sturdy, nothing squeaks and in over a month of at least 8 hours a day, nothing has changed on that front.

Adjustability, Comfort, & Performance

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair

(Image credit: Future/Frederick Stringer)

Now the really important bit: what is actually like to sit on? And this proved to be an interesting experience. At first, I wasn’t immediately impressed with the comfort, but as I persevered and kept using the T3 Rush, it proved to be a provider of all-day comfort. I can easily sit on the T3 Rush for 8 hours of work and then spend a good few more gaming afterward. It was almost like the most comfortable shoes as it took a few uses for it to break in.

I am a pretty big chap, at 6ft2 and 260lbs, so the bolsters, cushion, and frame need to support a fair bit – and they really do. The seat cushion provides comfort all day, and the snug fit encourages, and almost ensures, that I sit in an ergonomic way all the time. The chair comes with an additional lumbar support and neck pillow: I like the neck pillow when I am lounging and reclining, but, for me, the lumbar support pillow is too big and pushes me too far forward on the seat to be particularly useful. The Razer Iskur or the Secretlab Titan Evo have adjustable lumbar support, and I wish the Corsair T3 Rush did too – though the other two are more expensive.

Although its looks probably give it away, there’s no doubt that the T3 Rush is at home at a desk rather than trying to be a gaming chair for PS4, PS5, or Xbox at a traditional TV setup. Instead, when combined with my Flexispot E7 desk – one of the best standing desks we’ve tested – it slotted in beautifully and excelled at providing comfort for work and play.

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair

(Image credit: Future/Frederick Stringer)

Overall – should you buy it?

The T3 Rush from Corsair feels like a premium chair, at a non-premium price. High-quality materials in high-touch areas, with costs saved in low-touch areas, is a classic car manufacturer’s trick, and it works here too. For $320/£299, this is a lot of chair for your money as sitting in it for hours is incredibly comfortable, and everything you touch on it feels great. I am a huge fan of the cloth covering, maintaining a comfortable temperature is a key feature here.

This chair would work for gamers and home workers, and it has a more subtle look than many, blending well into a multipurpose space. I wish it had built-in lumbar support, but that is all I would change.

How we tested the Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair

We like to be thorough, and I used the Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair for over a month before coming to my conclusions. I used the chair for hundreds of hours for gaming, working, watching F1, and doing life admin. If anything, it has become more comfortable with time and has now become my go-to everyday chair for work and play.

Remember to fully research your gaming furniture setup and check out the best gaming desks too.

The Verdict


4 out of 5

Corsair T3 Rush

The T3 Rush is a feature-rich, comfortable gaming chair for those who want cloth over leather.

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