Crysis 4 will be directed by Hitman 3s game director

Crysis 4 has found its game director: Mattias Engström, who was previously game director on Hitman 3. 

The official Crysis Twitter account shared (opens in new tab) the news today, breaking a fairly lengthy silence on the forthcoming sequel which saw a brief reveal back in January following a leak that started on Chinese social media. Naturally, developer Crytek was quick to follow it up with a hiring push highlighting the many open positions on the Crysis team. 

Crytek is looking to fill dozens of jobs (opens in new tab) across multiple disciplines to support Crysis 4’s development, which is unsurprisingly still in its very early stages. “As development progresses we will release more details when we can,” Cytek CEO Avni Yerli said in January. “But in the meantime, know that our dedicated and talented team is working hard to bring you a truly next-gen shooter.”

Early Crysis 4 job listings pointed to an “FPS sandbox” and that theme doesn’t seem to have changed. Multiple current listings mention skills like a “strong understanding of weapon mechanics and what makes gunplay tick” as well as a “deep passion for shooter games,” which certainly sounds like Crysis. 

We shouldn’t read too much into things with how vague our limited details are and how malleable the project will be at this stage, but Engström’s appointment and his experience with Hitman would fit right in with a sandbox-first shooter. Crysis is definitely less freeform (and less silly) than Hitman, but it’s always been known as one of the more dynamic open-world-ish shooters out there. 

We won’t be playing Crysis 4 for several years. Here are the new games of 2022 to put on your radar right now. 

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