CS:GO fan comes up with a flashbang concept thats safer for your eyes

A CS:GO fan has put together a few concepts to show how the long-running game’s flashbangs could be better for your eyes with a few simple tweaks. 

As things stand, being hit with a flashbang in CS:GO will rapidly turn your entire screen bright white. That’s not to everyone’s tastes, so one fan shared a few ideas on Reddit on how the tactical item could be easier on the eyes. 

Reddit user Stnd1’s first idea simply replaces the white flash with a black one, whereas their second idea mixes a blurred centre with a black background. The Reddit user also improved upon (opens in new tab) the second idea in a follow-up post with a revised concept while adding a third idea, a grey flash that sits halfway between the current flash and the black one they previously recommended. 

While the CS:GO fan, like many, has grown fond of the flash grenade over the years, they reckon it’d be best for everyone if Valve found a way to dial it back without giving anyone an in-game advantage. 

“I like white flash too [to be honest], but it’s a really annoying and uncomfortable feeling if you play in a dark room,” they say (opens in new tab). “I would like to see an eye-safe alternative which doesn’t give in-game advantage. I mean, you can blur the image even more to the degree that it becomes more or less uniform.”

Valve’s shooter hasn’t proved a high-profile example, but a number of games – including Cyberpunk 2077 – have changed some flashing light effects in an attempt to limit their effect on epilepsy sufferers, which this potential change could also help with.

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