Best blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods

Choosing the best blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods is a surefire way to improve your odds of completing an exploration, as they provide passive buffs on various abilities or actions to smooth your journey through the Roguelike rooms. With over 20 different blessings to choose from, provided by the Gods T’amok, Yaatz, and Sich’al, it can feel overwhelming trying to choose which one(s) to opt for, especially if you’re only recently starting out on your adventures. That’s why we’re here to help, with a round up of all the Curse of the Dead Gods best blessings along with an explanation of how to unlock them.

How to unlock Curse of the Dead Gods blessings

Curse of the Dead Gods best blessings

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To unlock the best Curse of the Dead Gods blessings, you first need to die (sorry) so you can return to the Main Hall, then interact with the central stele to enter the Underworld. This will present you with the Blessings screen, where you can spend Crystal Skulls to unlock these passive abilities. Crystal Skulls are fairly commonly found on your adventures, with regular enemies having a low chance of dropping one while Elite enemies always leave one behind, while the tougher Champions and Bosses will always drop at least 10 after defeat. Crystal Skulls can also be earned for completing rooms in Events, with a bonus awarded for clearing the entire Event.

You’ll see that certain Blessings are locked behind a number of Blood Emblems, which you’ll need to earn by completing explorations before their respective abilities can be unlocked. Initially you’ll have a single Blessing slot available, but by earning one or three Blood Emblems through explorations the icons at the top of the screen will unlock to provide a second and third slot, so you can have a total of three Blessings active at once. Blessings are permanently available once unlocked, but you’ll need to visit the Underworld between runs if you want to change which abilities you have active.

The best Curse of the Dead Gods blessings

Curse of the Dead Gods

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From the 21 different offerings made by the three Gods, these are the ones we’ve picked out as the Curse of the Dead Gods best blessings to prioritize:

Favor of Sich’al (10 Crystal Skulls)

This is a great initial pick for a Blessing, as you’ll start every exploration with 1,000 Gold and 5 Perception before you’ve even stepped into your first room. 5 Perception gives you a 25% increase in the amount of Gold you’ll find and earn, as well as increasing the chance for enemies to drop an extra item. Make sure you spend all that Gold when you can, as it doesn’t carry over to your next run.

Furious Skin (5 Crystal Skulls)

This is another strong Blessing choice early on while you’re still learning the ropes in combat, as every time you take damage it will put you in a Fury state where you deal 50% more damage for six seconds. This certainly helps take the edge off the annoyance of being hit and losing HP, and the Fury effect should help you eliminate groups of enemies a lot faster if you react quickly.

Will of Sich’al (1 Blood Emblem, 45 Crystal Skulls)

This Blessing can provide a big assist when you’re pushing to complete explorations, as it increases your Corruption threshold from 100 to 120. This means that you can enter more rooms and travel further before your Corruption meter fills to give you a new Curse, and ultimately helps stave off that dreaded fifth Curse that can significantly hamper any further progress.

Curse of the Dead Gods

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T’amok’s Breath (5 Blood Emblems, 150 Crystal Skulls)

This is a particularly handy Blessing, as it gives any of your non-elementary physical attacks a 50% chance to turn into fire attacks. Not only will those fire attacks deal more damage to your enemies, but they will also ignite them to light up the area and reduce the damage you would take if you were still in darkness.

Reptilian Hunger (5 Blood Emblems, 250 Crystal Skulls)

The high cost and ability required to effectively use this Blessing mean you should wait until you’re suitably skilled before considering it, but it’s entirely worth the delay if you can pull it off. With this, your Greed Kill counter doesn’t expire when out of combat and carries over between rooms, so if you’re able to avoid damage while maintaining hits, dodges, and parries then you can rack up huge combos. A higher Greed Kills count not only increases gold earned from kills, but also causes you to deal greater damage up to a maximum 50% boost.

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