Cyberpunk 2077 leak suggests it may be coming to next-gen systems soon

It looks like the next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 – specifically for PS5 – may finally be on their way.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed by either developer CD Projekt Red nor either Microsoft or Sony, Twitter account PlayStation Game Size – which has established a reputation for reliable leaks gleaned from analysing the data added to the backend of the PlayStation Store’s database – has shared what some believe to be all-new cover art and a hint that it may be coming “mid-February – early-March”.

Take a look at the new image and the tweet below:

🚨 i think it’s Coming on Mid Feb – Early MarchJanuary 30, 2022

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While, as always with these leaks, it’s impossible to be 100 per cent certain of anything, it does align with the company’s own roadmap which suggested that a new-gen upgrade would be available in early 2022. That said, the same account later added an addendum (opens in new tab) to the Twitter thread, responding to confused commenters by clarifying quite clearly: “PS5 Native Version”. 

All we can do is watch this space, eh? Thank goodness February isn’t that far away…

No, Cyberpunk 2077’s journey has not been a smooth one, but it looks to be heading in the right direction even though it’s now one of the highest-profile gaming controversies of all time.

Cyberpunk 2077 went from one of the most anticipated titles ever to a launch disaster when it was discovered the game was full of bugs and performance issues (opens in new tab) on release. This was especially pronounced on the PS4 and Xbox One base consoles, which lead to Sony pulling the game from the PlayStation Store (opens in new tab) and Microsoft offering refunds. 

In November last year, though, CD Projekt announced a “major update (opens in new tab)” and DLC expansion for the RPG. And as Cyberpunk 2077 was recently updated on Steam’s database (opens in new tab) for the first time since October, fans are hoping it’s sooner rather than later. 

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