Sam Raimi says a Darkman sequel is being talked about at Universal

Sam Raimi has revealed that discussions are ongoing about a sequel to his cult-classic movie Darkman.

The original film stars Liam Neeson as the titular character, with Frances McDormand in a supporting role. It sees Neeson’s Dr. Peyton Westlake severely disfigured, and on the hunt for revenge against the men who hurt him. The film had two straight to video sequels, but neither starred Neeson or McDormand. Its other spin-offs are a video game, comic books, novels, and an unaired TV pilot.

“Yes. Universal is talking about a Darkman sequel. There’s a producer attached,” Raimi told TheWrap (opens in new tab). “I haven’t heard the story yet or gone into it, I’ve been so busy with this movie [Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness]. But I think it’s cool.”

As for whether Neeson could return, Raimi isn’t sure. “I don’t know if he’d do it,” he said. “But he’d be incredible.” The director also explained that there were originally plans for a franchise in the ’90s, but the movie’s box office put a stop to them. 

It will likely be a long time before we hear any further details on the potential sequel, considering how early it is in development. But, it’s still good news to hear it’s on the table.

Raimi most recently helmed the long-awaited Doctor Strange 2, which sees Benedict Cumberbatch’s sorcerer superhero on an adventure through the Marvel multiverse. Xochitl Gomez co-stars as America Chavez, whose powers allow her to traverse the multiverse, while Elizabeth Olsen reprises her role of Wanda Maximoff for the first time since WandaVision.

The director recently revealed that the film was originally 35 minutes longer than the finished product, which is in theaters now. “It was probably like two hours and 40 minutes, and it slowly came down, even though we did the reshoots,” he commented. “We took out material even though the reshoots went in. So, it slowly got down to about two hours and five minutes is the total.”

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