Date your favorite Dead by Daylight killers in Hooked on You this summer

Dead by Daylight is getting a dating sim spin-off appropriately titled Hooked on You, and it’s an honest-to-god real thing that you can play this summer. 

Hooked on You was first spotted in an eyebrow-raising trademark back in February, and publisher Behaviour Interactive dropped a reveal trailer for the unlikely dating sim earlier today on the heels of the game’s sixth-anniversary broadcast (opens in new tab)

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is exactly what it says on the tin: an opportunity to flirt with the game’s characters in a summery setting. It’s the result of a collaboration with Psyop, the studio behind the somehow less likely KFC dating sim I Love You, Colonel Sanders. Starring the Trapper, the Huntress, the Wraith, and the Spirit, Hooked on You will finally let fans spend more than two seconds in the company of their favorite killer and, hopefully, survive the encounter. 

“Welcome to Murderer’s Island. Your companions: four dead-sexy Killers who, underneath their murderous exteriors, just want a little romance,” the official blurb teases. “Flirt your way into their hearts, uncovering dark twists along the way. Will you find true love, forge friendships… or get hacked to death? Only you can decide.” 

In true dating sim fashion, each killer will have multiple unique endings tied to your choices, and if Dead by Daylight is anything to go by, the bad endings will probably go really badly for you. You can try your luck when Hooked on You launches on Steam this summer. 

Today’s big broadcast also brought a first look at Roots of Dread (opens in new tab), the next chapter in the mainline multiplayer horror game featuring new survivor Haddie Kaur and new killer The Dredge. 

Dead by Daylight is also getting a board game following a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it even comes with actual meathooks. 

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