New Batman and Black Adam footage shown off in DC FanDome trailer

DC FanDome is almost here and, to mark its arrival, a new trailer featuring fresh footage from The Batman and Black Adam has been released.

The minute-long teaser (which you can see above) reels off some of the famous faces – including John Cena and Jason Momoa – who’ll have a presence at the second-ever FanDome event.

But some eagle-eyed fans will also surely spot two extremely brief snippets of footage to tide us over until October 16.

In the first scene – head to the 30-second mark – we get to see Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in action for the first time and he’s… tilting his head menacingly. Honestly? Seeing as how we’ve only had Instagram teasers and set leaks so far, we’ll take it. Expect a grander reveal on the day itself.

Then, there’s Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight saving the day (he is Batman, after all) at a funeral scene that looks remarkably similar to the one glimpsed in the very first trailer for The Batman from last year’s FanDome. Someone, potentially Paul Dano’s Riddler, has hijacked the somber affair and set off a bomb in the Caped Crusader’s face. A full trailer is set to debut during the FanDome event, though the complete schedule has yet to be confirmed.

The rest of the teaser highlights what else we can see during the DC blowout: expect The Flash, the Peacemaker series, Aquaman 2, and more from the world of DC’s movies, comics, and games to have a presence.

 For more on DC’s upcoming plans, check out our guide to new superhero movies.

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