DC will offer Wonder Woman tattoos this spring – but dont worry, theyre temporary

DC is offering a trio of temporary tattoos as part of the upcoming ‘Trial of the Amazons‘ crossover event with its Wonder Woman family of comics.

Trial of the Amazons #1 main cover

Trial of the Amazons #1 main cover (Image credit: Jim Cheung (DC))

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The three temporary tattoos represent the three major Amazonian tribes in DCU history – the Themyscirans, the Bana-Mighdall, and the Esquecida.

The tattoos won’t be offered for sale individually by DC, but will be issued to comic book shops based on their orders for the first three chapters of the ‘Trial of the Amazons’ crossover. Stores will get tattoo units matched to its orders for each issue, rounded to the nearest 25 (as the tattoos come in bags of 25). Here are the key issues:

  • The Themysciran tattoo is paired with Trial of the Amazons #1 (March 1)
  • The Bana-Mighdall tatoo is paired with Nubia & The Amazons #6 (March 8)
  • The Esquecida tattoo is paired with Wonder Woman #785 (March 15)

And here are the tattoos, in order:

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(Image credit: DC)

Image 1 of 1

Wonder Woman temporary tattoos for ‘Trial of the Amazons’

Who are the three main Amazonian tribes?

Wonder Woman #785 variant cover

Wonder Woman #785 variant cover (Image credit: Nicola Scott (DC))

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The Themyscirans are the classic Amazons from Wonder Woman comics, TV, and film – a group of women warriors related to Greek mythology who reside on their own private island nation known as Themyscira (also called Paradise Island). Popular characters from this group include Hippolyta, Nubia, and of course, Wonder Woman.

The Bana-Mighdall are an offshoot of the Themyscirans, who renounced their allegiance to the Greek mythological hierarchy and established their own civilization in Egypt. The best known Bana-Mighdall are Artemis and Antiope.

The Esquecida are a group of Amazons who split off over disagreement with Hippolyta’s rulership of Themyscira and set up in the Amazon Rainforest. After centuries, they became blended with the local population but remain relatively secret in DCU and even with their fellow Amazonian tribes. Yara-Flor (Wonder Girl) is the primary representative for the Esquecida in comics.

… so, which one of the three do you identify with most? Let us know what you decide, and send us pictures if you get a tattoo – temporary or a real one!

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