DCs Suicide Squad is ending this May

DC is triggering the tiny bomb in its brain and killing its ongoing Suicide Squad comic book series. May 3’s Suicide Squad #15 will be its last issue. The news comes a day after writer Tim Sheridan announced the Teen Titans Academy ongoing series was also ending in May also with its 15th issue.

Suicide Squad #15 variant cover

Suicide Squad #15 variant cover (Image credit: Dexter Soy (DC))

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The series, which has featured a Peacemaker-led squad under the supervision of Amanda Waller, will apparently wrap things up with the team trying to escape from under her badass thumb one last time.

The final issue will feature this volume’s original series artist Eduardo Pansica, with assists from Julio Ferreira, and Dexter Soy. Dennis Hopeless, who began by co-writing the title for the upcoming ‘War on Earth-3′ crossover issues in March’s Suicide Squad #13 alongside the series’ original writer Robbie Thompson, is writing the final two issues himself.

Suicide Squad #15 main cover

Suicide Squad #15 main cover (Image credit: Eduardo Pansica (DC))

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Relaunched as part of DC’s ‘Infinite Frontier’ era in early 2021, this Suicide Squad series was the franchise’s seventh volume, but the first with Peacemaker prominently the face of it – no doubt tying into John Cena’s portrayal of the character in the film The Suicide Squad.

While the Suicide Squad ongoing series may be ending for now, DC actually has another Suicide Squad-esque series concurrently ongoing called Task Force Z. The publisher has also had a string of Suicide Squad limited series through its adult-oriented Black Label imprint.

Suicide Squad #15 goes on sale on May 3. A collection of the first six issues, titled Suicide Squad: Give Peace a Chance (opens in new tab), is on sale now.

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