DCs Zatanna and Red Hood arrive on Webtoon this summer

Webtoon and DC have announced launch dates for the next two titles in their joint digital comics initiative: Zatanna & The Ripper launches July 11, and Red Hood: Outlaws launches August 14.

Zatanna & The Ripper

Zatanna & The Ripper (Image credit: DC/Webtoon)

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Written by Sarah Dealy and illustrated by Syro, Zatanna & The Ripper meets the titular magician on her 21st birthday when she witnesses a fight between her father, Giovanni Zatara, and the sorceress Allura. To prevent Allura from getting to Zatanna, Giovanni sends her back to 1800s London, trapping her there until he brings her back to the present.

Zatanna can pull things from the past and future, so she’s able to fill her small 19th-century apartment with modern technology. She’s basically resigned to living in this era forever, but then John Constantine shows up and tells her how to get home: solve the Jack the Ripper murders. Unfortunately, Zatanna is on the notorious serial killer’s list of targets, which means she’ll be hunting him as he hunts her back.

Red Hood: Outlaws is written by Patrick R Young and illustrated by Nico Bascuñán. When the Justice League issues a challenge to Red Hood, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, and Bizarro, the Outlaws have to replace their “goody-two-shoe counterparts” and battle supervillains and superheroes alike, but the real fights are amongst themselves. Spoiler alert: the Outlaws attempting to go legit doesn’t end well. In fact, DC says they “fail spectacularly.”

Red Hood: Outlaws

Red Hood: Outlaws (Image credit: DC/Webtoon)

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“We’re excited to continue expanding DC’s storytelling, with fun, out-of-continuity stories featuring our characters in different worlds and genres, that any fan, whether new to DC or not, can dive into,” says DC editor-in-chief Marie Javins.

Webtoon VP of content David Lee adds, “Our collaboration with DC continues to bring some of the most exciting characters from the DC pantheon to a new generation of comic fans, complete with fresh storylines and new takes on classic heroes. Our work with DC has seen incredible support from fans and industry peers, and we can’t wait to share the latest series with readers.”

Webtoon and DC first announced their collaboration in August 2021, and have published Vixen: NYC and the Eisner-nominated Batman: Wayne Family Adventures since. The new Zatanna and Red Hood titles expand offerings from both publishers and will make even more iconic DC characters available to Webtoon’s massive audience – more than 82 million monthly readers (opens in new tab) from all over the globe, an approximate 14 percent increase over last year.

Zatanna & The Ripper debuts July 11 and Red Hood: Outlaws debuts August 14 on Webtoon.

Red Hood may be an outlaw, but Zatanna has been a member of some of the best Justice League line-ups.

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