Deathloop lead actor is working on another project, but it isnt a sequel

Deathloop’s lead actor is back in the booth with a brand new project on the way – but it isn’t related to the hit Arkane shooter.

Earlier this week, actor Jason Kelley took to Twitter to post the shot of himself in a recording booth, seen just below. Although the actor mentions Deathloop via a hashtag, he then shoots down the possibility of it being a project to the 2021 Arkane game in the replies directly underneath.

Oooooooooo! Cannot wait to share what this one is. #backinthelab #voiceacting #games #vo #deathloop #coltjustcolt #baftagames 17, 2022

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So although Kelley might at first appear to be teasing something related to Deathloop, it unfortunately doesn’t seem to be related to the game at all. That’s something of a shame, as Arkane’s game was a hit when it released last year, with particular praise being directed at Kelley’s performance as protagonist Colt Vahn.

You actually wouldn’t be wrong for suspecting Arkane was developing another project related to Deathloop, especially when looking at its recent history. Arkane’s  France and Texas studios worked on a sequel to Dishonored in 2016, and then a spin-off from the second game a year later in 2017 called Death of the Outsider.

In fact, if you’re looking for more Arkane goodness in the meantime, especially since multiplayer shooter Redfall just got delayed into next year, we’d highly recommend trying out the three Dishonored games if you haven’t done so already. Whereas Deathloop was a more action-packed spectacle, Dishonored sticks to the shadows with a more stealthy approach to things. 

Redfall is Arkane’s “most ambitious game yet,” and will apparently be shown again “soon” according to studio head Harvey Smith. 

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