How to beat Destiny 2 Base Information Caretaker challenge

Finish the Destiny 2 Base Information challenge as part of the Caretaker boss fight encounter of Vow of the Disciple to bag an extra Raid chest for more loot. This encounter has a lot of moving parts as it is, with players needing to stun the Caretaker while also gathering symbols to enter them on an obelisk, so the Base Information challenge definitely makes things a little harder. However, with this guide, you’ll have everything you need to get you and your Raid team through the Destiny 2 Base Information challenge in the Caretaker encounter of Vow of the Disciple.

Raid challenges rotate each week, and there’s one for all four of the main Vow of the Disciple encounters. Check out our guides for the others if you need them help:

Destiny 2 vow of the disciple raid caretaker encounter symbol

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The Destiny 2 Base Information Raid challenge tasks your team with only ever collecting and entering the obelisk symbols one at a time. If you’ve done the Caretaker encounter before, you’ll know that a couple of players need to enter a dark room to collect symbols. Typically, these players would collect the maximum of three and then work together to quickly shoot all three on the obelisk, but for the challenge, they can only ever pick up one symbol for each trip into the Darkness room. This challenge isn’t too difficult but definitely requires good management of the Pervading Darkness debuff to avoid deaths, and great Caretaker stuns to buy as much time as possible.

Destiny 2 vow of the disciple raid caretaker shooting obelisk symbol

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If one of the symbol-collecting players accidentally picks up a second symbol, you’ll instantly get the “Challenge failed” message, and you’ll need to wipe to give the encounter and the challenge another shot. However, if you succeed on all the floors of the Caretaker and then defeat him, there’ll be a bonus loot chest ready for you to open, granting you extra Vow of the Disciple gear.

How to complete the Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple Caretaker challenge

These are the very basic steps you need to know to get the Caretaker’s Base Information Raid challenge in Vow of the Disciple done:

  1. One player runs into the dark symbol room, grabs only one symbol, and then leaves.
  2. This player must shoot the corresponding symbol on the obelisk after it asks for an offering.
  3. As the first player leaves the room to enter their symbol, the second player runs in to grab their symbol, leaves, and then enters it into the obelisk.
  4. Meanwhile, two of the other four players will be stunning the Caretaker and the other two will be clearing enemies, keeping them away from the obelisk and the stunning players.
  5. Repeat the symbol relay until all nine obelisk symbols have been cleared to start the Caretaker damage phase.
  6. Repeat all of that on each floor of the encounter, then defeat the Caretaker during its final stand phase.

For the full details on the Base Information Raid challenge, look below.

Destiny 2 Base Information Raid challenge guide

Destiny 2 vow of the disciple raid caretaker encounter obelisk

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The Base Information challenge doesn’t really add anything massively complex to the encounter, but it will make the whole thing slower and require all players to do their roles as flawlessly as possible. Stick with your usual loadouts and make sure your communication is good. Also remember that you’ll need to complete these steps for every floor of the boss fight, except for the ‘final stand’ phase at the end. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to run the Caretaker encounter to complete the Base Information challenge:

  1. This is how the team is divided in this encounter example: Players 1 and 2 are the symbol collectors, Players 3 and 4 are the Caretaker stunners, and Players 5 and 6 are clearing enemies.
  2. Player 1 will begin the encounter by shooting the door switch and running into the Darkness room – You gain stacks of the Pervading Darkness debuff while inside the Darkness rooms, so speed is key.
  3. Player 1 will grab the first symbol they spot and run out of the Darkness room to the obelisk. It is crucial that Player 2 occasionally shoots the door switch to ensure the door remains open for Player 1 to make a smooth escape.
  4. The obelisk will ask for an offering from Player 1, so they need to find the symbol on the obelisk that matches the one they picked up and shoot it. It should light up orange and then the obelisk will accept the offering.
  5. At the same time, Player 2 will run into the Darkness room to do the same thing – grab a symbol, run out the room, while Player 1 shoots the switch.
  6. Player 2 will now have to shoot their symbol on the obelisk when asked for an offering, and Player 1 will run back into the Darkness room to collect a symbol, and so on.
  7. While this is happening, Players 3 and 4 will be responsible for stunning the Caretaker by shooting his face and back after he does a slam attack. These players need to stun the Caretaker continuously to buy Players 1 and 2 as much time as possible.
  8. Players 5 and 6 should destroy all the Taken and Scorn enemies that spawn in to protect all the other players. Eliminating the Scorn Abated Adherents is particularly important as they will shoot the obelisk and reduce the amount of time Players 1 and 2 have to enter all the symbols.
  9. Once Players 1 and 2 have correctly entered all nine symbols on the obelisk, leaving it blank, the encounter will transition to the damage phase.
  10. After the damage phase, head up the steps to the next floor, and repeat the process until you force the Caretaker into his final stand phase. You must defeat the Caretaker here, otherwise you will all wipe and will have to start the whole thing over, including the challenge.

Destiny 2 vow of the disciple raid caretaker damage phase

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While Base Information isn’t too difficult, it is very easy to fail in frustrating ways. Mainly that it can be quite easy to accidentally pick up an extra symbol, especially in the first Darkness room due to how tightly packed it is. Be wary when sprinting through each room and take care to not turn any corners into a symbol or brush too close to one – use the symbols’ orange glow as a sign to avoid the area. You’ll also want to watch out for the symbols in the Darkness rooms relocating as they appear to change positions after an obelisk symbol is shot. We failed a challenge attempt due to a symbol spawning immediately in front of a player as they were escaping the Darkness room, so watch out!

If you successfully do all of that, you’ll complete the encounter, along with the Base Information challenge.

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