Destiny 2 dev promises fixes for the new Rift mode

Destiny 2’s new Rift mode isn’t in great shape right now, but help is coming in the form of bug fixes.

Earlier this week, Destiny 2 reintroduced the Rift mode for the PvP Crucible, a mode which originally debuted in the first Destiny all the way back in The Taken King expansion. Now in Destiny 2, Rift hasn’t had the best start to life, with players reporting a litany of bugs, but it seems as though help is on the way.

Re: BugsStay tuned to @BungieHelp for updates through this week.We’ve got eyes on spark spawning issues, transmats repeating, and some other things too.Make sure to report any issues you find to our Help forums on Clips and screenshots appreciated!May 31, 2022

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Senior Bungie community manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner has some good news for the Destiny 2 community, by way of the tweet just above. It seems as though Bungie has their eye on ongoing issues with the new mode, including spark spawning issues, and is planning to fix these issues with the new Rift mode going forward soon.

It’s no doubt a relief for Destiny 2 players. Taking a look around forums like the Destiny 2 subreddit and YouTube scene, you can quickly see the Rift mode hasn’t gone down too well with the player base at large, with many reporting the kind of bugs the Bungie community manager outlines above. It hasn’t been the best introduction for the mode, but it looks like things should pick up.

If you’re looking to improve Rift for yourself between now and then, Gafner has some solid tips and tricks for players in the tweets preceding the one above. The community manager acknowledges Rift will be a “learning curve” for some, and “defeating opponents is only a small piece of the puzzle.” If you’re new to Rift, you might want to take a look at the helpful hints.

Check out our guide on how to beat the Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon for a walkthrough of the latest gauntlet.

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