How to get Destiny 2 Laurels in Guardian Games 2022

Destiny 2 Laurels return for the 2022 Guardian Games, where Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters are competing to earn as many medals as they can to win the competition for their Class. However, you’ll need Laurels – the little tetrahedron-shaped items that spill out of enemies – to buy certain Guardian Games items that’ll help you get those medals, so knowing how to collecting them is essential. Here’s what you need to know about Destiny 2 Laurels and how you can use them in this year’s Guardian Games.

How to collect Guardian Games Laurels in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 guardian games 2022 laurels strike

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To create Laurels in any Destiny 2 activity, you just need to defeat enemies with any Subclass ability – that’s Melee, Grenade, and Super abilities – while wearing your Guardian Games Medal Class Item. Defeating powerful combatants will also create Laurels, so make sure you target the bigger foes you face too. To collect any Laurels that you or your fireteam create, you just need to run over them.

If you don’t already have the Medal Class Item, you need to head to Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard to collect your Medal Bond, Cloak, or Mark. If you dismantled your Medal Class Item, you can get another one from Eva for 1,000 Glimmer.

Laurels also come in three flavors depending on who generates them. Titans create red Laurels, Hunters create blue ones, and Warlocks create yellow ones, however you can collect any of them and there’s no penalty or benefit for collecting a particular kind. You can also hold up to 500 of them in your Medallion Case, but any surplus Laurels will be lost forever. Thankfully, because you can collect Laurels of any color, they are really easy to collect, so you’ll rarely be short of them – if you’re looking to get some quickly, Strikes and Public Events will provide ample Laurels.

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Destiny 2 also has a Daily Focus activity each day for the duration of the Guardian Games – it changes with the daily reset at 5pm UTC. Participating in the relevant activity will grant extra Laurels, so you’ll be swimming in them in no time if you’re not already. You can check what the Destiny 2 Daily Focus activity is by looking for the little Guardian Games icon near an activity node on the Destinations page, checking the Milestones tab on the Destinations page, or by inspecting your Medallion Case.

How to spend your Destiny 2 Laurels

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Laurels can only be spent on a few things in Destiny 2, but they’re really important for getting those high-value medals that’ll help your Class out in the daily Guardian Games standings the most. You can buy the following items from Eva Levante in the Tower for Laurels:

  • Guardian Games daily repeatable bounties = 30 Laurels each – these award very small amounts of Bright Dust, which can be spent at the Eververse store, and XP.
  • Contender Cards = 100 Laurels each – complete a Contender Card’s challenge in the specified activity to get a gold medal. There are Strike, Crucible, Gambit, Seasonal Activity, and Throne World Activity Contender Cards for you to buy and complete. However, you can only hold one Contender or Platinum Card at a time.
  • Platinum Cards = 200 Laurels each – complete a Platinum Card’s challenge in the specified activity to get a platinum medal. You can buy Platinum Cards for Raids/Dungeons, Trials of Osiris, Nightfall Strikes, high-difficulty Throne World Activities, and high-difficulty Seasonal Activities.

Make sure you don’t miss out on completing the Destiny 2 Shoot to Score quest for extra rewards. You’ll need to earn Destiny 2 Vanguard Medals to get those high scores for the quest too.

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