Diablo Immortal PC version gives hope to skeptical fans

Diablo Immortal’s newly announced PC version has some skeptics feeling slightly less skeptical about the former mobile exclusive. 

Blizzard confirmed the updated Diablo Immortal release date for PC and mobile just yesterday, and the news sparked a small but significant wave of optimism among the larger Diablo community, which has generally been at best lukewarm on the game since its divisive reveal.

The Diablo subreddit’s top thread (opens in new tab) covering the news is awash with comments from series fans encouraged by Immortal’s PC release. For starters, the PC version will support keyboard and mouse as well as controller play, meaning existing Diablo fans won’t have to get accustomed to a mobile control scheme to try what is technically the next game in the series. With an official PC version on the way, curious PC gamers won’t have to emulate Diablo Immortal, either. 

Now that there’s no need to change platforms or jump through hoops on PC, the prospect of trying Diablo Immortal for free just to give it a go seems to appeal to more players. The worst-case scenario is losing a bit of time to the game, but some fans may yet take a liking to Immortal’s snacky, streamlined dungeon-crawler, as our own Alex Avard did following his Diablo Immortal preview last year – before Immortal received some substantial systemic changes, at that.

“Diablo Immortal isn’t the betrayal of the Diablo franchise that the reaction to its initial reveal might have suggested,” Alex said at the time. “In fact, dare I whisper it, it may actually end up being…. pretty good? It’s a lot to take in, I know.” 

One Reddit user summed up (opens in new tab) the vibe in the room pretty succinctly: “I’m looking forward to this, actually.” Another echoed (opens in new tab) this sentiment: “I will 100% try it now, it is on PC, it is F2P so why not.” In a response to a Blizzard community manager celebrating the news, another fan reiterated (opens in new tab) that, “I will definitely being playing this game if its on PC.” Obviously, some diehard fans are still only interested in Diablo 4, but the PC version of Diablo Immortal has clearly had some effect on previously uninterested fans.

Blizzard maintains that work on Diablo 4 is “progressing well.”

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