Disney Home Spider-Man gaming chair review: “The most beautiful piece of merch Ive ever seen”

With Spider-Man day upon us, there’s never been a better time to show your appreciation for our friendly neighborhood hero than with this beautifully designed gaming chair from this Disney Home collection. 

I found this chair to be the new statement piece of my set up and alongside this, it also features some great additions such as 4D armrests and adjustable recline. Although it’s not ergonomic, it still provides great, long-lasting comfort. 

disney home gaming chair Spider-Man

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When first opening the box, I found that everything was neatly and safely packaged which is extremely reassuring and validates the quality of the product. The instructions included were laid out in a picture format rather than text meaning there was no jargon and they were easy to follow at a glance, even for a beginner. Everything required to assemble the chair was also included; the only tool you needed was an Allen key / hex key, and this was in the box. 

The actual process of building this seat was very simple and I managed to do it on my own in just over an hour, which might sound like a long time, but keep in mind I am a beginner and this the first gaming chair I have ever built. The pictures which are laid out in the instructions are very clear and easy to follow, meaning I had no issues putting the chair together. 

One little bonus I found when building the chair was that it came with extra screws. Although this may not seem like a big deal to many, it really does contribute to the quality of the chair and represents the care that Disney Home and Noblechairs have for their customers. If you lose a screw or one of them goes rusty, or if the head of it decays, then you don’t need to sit on the phone to customer support just for them to send out a replacement. The extra screws are right there for you – giving you that peace of mind. 

disney home gaming chair Spider-Man

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Noblechairs take pride in ensuring that its chairs present some of the best features. One that particularly stood out to me was the 4D armrests, which is something usually only included with higher-end models. This allows you to move the armrests of your gaming chair in multiple directions, left and right, up and down, backward and forward (we may slowly see this become industry standard even on more conveniently priced gaming chairs such as this one). This worked as intended and I found myself adjusting them often based on how I wanted to sit. 

The backrest of the chair reclines up 135 degrees, which is exceptionally useful as it allows you to sit comfortably whether you’re sitting far forward and intensely staring at the screen or wanting to lean back in your chair if you’re playing something more relaxed.

You’ll also find that the chair features a breathable cold foam upholstery, making it much more comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. This type of foam doesn’t absorb heat as easily as standard yellow foam – something which rang true during my usage of the chair, particularly during the heatwave it was much easier to forget I was sweating so much. It is also meant to maintain it’s shape for much longer than regular foam, hopefully meaning the chair will last a lot longer. 

disney home gaming chair Spider-Man

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The design of this chair definitely takes center stage. I feel like buying superhero-themed products as an adult can be a major gamble because they can often come across as tacky and child-like. This chair perfectly captures that Spider-Man design and element you may want to add to your set-up, without making you feel like you’re giving up some of your integrity. 

It is so beautifully designed and the fact that it is entirely embroidered contributes majorly to the premium feel of the chair. It feels like an elegant Spider-throne rather than just a ‘Spider-Man chair’. Disney Home and Noblechairs have really hit the nail on the head with this design. 

The material itself is a standard hard leather. Although some people might not prefer this when compared to softer chairs such as suede or mesh versions, its something I like. It again contributes to that high-end feel and also seems quite sturdy which gives you some peace of mind when thinking about general wear and tear. 

The only flaw I find with the design of this chair is something which is common to all leather gaming chairs: sitting in them for long gaming sessions – particularly during the recent heatwave here in the UK – can start to become uncomfortable as all of your sweat accumulates. Sorry if that’s a little TMI. Leather isn’t absorbent meaning the sweat doesn’t go anywhere. I found myself using a small blanket during the heatwave to prevent it from becoming too uncomfortable.

disney home gaming chair Spider-Man

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I found this chair very comfortable with the back rest being the main contributor. Noblechairs states that this chair allows for you to maintain a supreme sitting position and it honestly feels like it does. 

The leather design does make it feel a little stiff if you’re more used to sitting on fabric or mesh chairs, but this doesn’t particularly make it uncomfortable, just takes some getting used to. 

I was able to sit in this chair for long periods of time without feeling abnormal strain, meaning it is suited to those late night gaming sessions where time gets away from you. 

It’s worth noting that this gaming chair does not have ergonomics considered in the design process, though. There is not lumbar support – whether that’s built in or in cushion form. There is also no neck pillow. Although this does not make the chair uncomfortable, it’s something to take note of if you’re on the lookout for these features. 

disney home gaming chair Spider-Man

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Should you buy….?

As a major Spider-Man fan I would say that this chair is well worth the money taking into account the design alone. All of the added features and extras really top it off. As I stated earlier, it can be hard to find superhero merch within the gaming realm which is more catered towards a mature audience, but Disney Home and Noblechairs have done this so fantastically and I am extremely impressed. 

How we tested the Disney Home noblechairs Spider-Man chair 

I used this chair as my main desk chair for three weeks in order to gain a full understanding of its comfort levels and whether or not the features functioned as intended. This meant using it while working from home for long shifts and then carrying on in the evening while relaxing and gaming. 

We receive many gaming chairs in our line of work from all different companies designing the latest in ergonomic / office seating. Whether it’s Secretlab, AndaSeat, Razer, Brazen, or any other company, every chair that passes through our office or home setups is tested in much the same fashion, with major considerations made.

If you’re looking for a new desk to go with this stunning chair then be sure to check out our best gaming desks. Or if you need a new rig then be sure to take a look at our best gaming PCs page. 

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