Don’t expect a New World console release any time soon

New World will remain a PC exclusive title at least for the “foreseeable future” according to the game’s developer.

In a series of recent tweets from the official New World Twitter account (opens in new tab), developer Amazon Game Studios said it currently has no plans to bring its new MMO to consoles following its launch yesterday. 

Replying to several fans who had some kind of variation of the question ‘will New World be coming to consoles?’ The account replied in the same way to all tweets with “New World will be playable only on PC for the foreseeable future.”

New World will be playable only on PC for the foreseeable future.September 29, 2021

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This straightforward (and almost robotic) response has pretty much confirmed that the game will continue to only be available on PC via Steam and Amazon Gaming, at least for the time being. However after its incredibly successful launch – in just 24 hours New World had become the fifth most-played Steam game ever – we’d be surprised if this suggestion never got revisited. 

This success hasn’t come without its faults though, as on New World’s launch day eager players were faced with server errors and shockingly long wait times – with the average player having to wait around an hour to get into the game. This of course resulted in an onslaught of memes about New World and its server queues appearing online. 

There is a light at the end of this very long tunnel though, as Amazon has announced that it will offer free server transfers to combat queue times for the next 2 weeks. We haven’t been given a concrete date for when this will be yet, but rest assured, the New World developer is on the case. 

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