Dont spend thousands on a gaming TV – these Hisense panels start at just $319

The best cheap gaming TV deals are not necessarily the ones that only affect the biggest, bestest, and ones that only have the highest ‘Hz’ numbers in their specs list. Sometimes you can look ‘down’ the scale a bit, and find some excellent price cuts on some already-reasonably priced panels. And today is one of those times: you can get the excellent Hisense A6G TV for some near-record low prices at Amazon. We say ‘some’ because there are a couple of great prices on two different sizes in particular that we need to highlight.

Firstly, you can get the 55-inch A6G for just $319.96 (was $450) (opens in new tab) saving you an enormous $130 off the price of one of the best gaming TVs money can buy. For context, this is the television’s second-lowest ever price – and only by a matter of cents. It was once $318 back in March but only for a day or so. As a result, you can have confidence in the value this gaming TV deal offers.

Secondly – and great news if you’re eyeing up a wall to fill – the 75-inch variant is also down to a second-lowest ever price of just $599.99 (was $694.49) (opens in new tab). This is an absurd price for such a massive TV, and to get one that can hold its own as a TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X at such a discount is great news. Again, while it’s not the rock-bottom lowest ever price, it is still the lowest in six months so the value is incredibly strong here.

Today’s best cheap gaming TV deals

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Hisense A6G 4K TV | 55-inch | $449.99 $319.96 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $130If you’ve been wanting one of the best gaming televisions going but are on a limited budget then this is the cheap gaming tv deal for you. It’s a heck of a saving, bringing this already-excellent budget TV into a whole new affordable price category. This is the second lowest price we’ve seen on the Hisense A6G, but there’s only cents in it.

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Hisense A6G 4K TV | 75-inch | $694.94 $599.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $94.50 – Don’t let this ‘modest’ discount fool you; this is the second-lowest ever price on this massive TV and one that offers unparalleled value for money. A 75-inch TV will fill a wall and increase your immersion more than you thought possible at this budget.

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In our testing of the A6G, we found that “the A6G is a superior budget TV offering, that often looks a good deal more highbrow than its price tag might suggest…” You can read more in our full Hisense A6G review here, and also check out some of the other latest cheap 4K TV deals further down the page.

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