DX Racer announces Craft Series gaming chairs

DX Racer has announced its new Craft Series line of highly customizable gaming chairs, with prices starting at $450 at the DX Racer website (opens in new tab). Each new design carries an estimated shipping date of the end of March. 

There are seven designs of DX Racer Craft Series to choose from, including a classic black model, as well as a Guild Wars 2 edition and the likes of Rabbit in Dino (yellow), Thinker (grey), and Hello Human Cat (pink). 

The DX Racer Craft Series utilizes premium features befitting that of some of the best gaming chairs on the market, such soft polyurethane leather, integrated lumbar support, memory foam gel pillows, and an aluminum frame base. 

Perhaps the most visually striking of the DX Racer Craft Series is the Lucky Always model which features kanji on the inside of the backrest and a golden Koi fish on the reverse. While looks are subjective, it’s certainly one of the more stylish chairs that we’ve come across, and ideal for anyone after a seat adorned in neo-traditional artwork. 

Interestingly enough, there’s also the option of having custom designs for the DX Racer Craft Series, however, you’ll need to order at least six chairs at a time to make this a reality. If you’ve got a group of friends, or an up-and-coming Esports team, for example, these custom-made seats could be ideal for you. 

Pre-order DX Racer Craft Series gaming chairs

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DX Racer Craft Series Classic Black pre-order | $469 at DX Racer (opens in new tab)
The DX Racer Craft Series is due to launch at the end of March, with this classic black model keeping things simple with its black and gold color scheme, being the cheapest of the premade designs.

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DX Racer Craft Series Lucky Always pre-order | $479 at DX Racer (opens in new tab)
This black and gold Koi Fish design embody neo-traditional Asain aesthetics with the backprint and kanji on the backrest. Should you want something a little different in your gaming setup. 

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