Dying Light 3 would have a more powerful main character

Dying Light 2’s lead designer wants to make the player more powerful in a sequel.

Speaking to VGC (opens in new tab) in a new interview, Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektała spoke about what he’d do in a theoretical sequel to the zombie horror game. “One thing is that if we’re making Dying Light 3, then I would like the main character to start with bigger and better starting abilities and skills,” Smektała told the outlet.

Smektała went on to add that Dying Light 2 basically replicated the beginning of the very first game in the series, where the player character starts out as deliberately weak, and builds from there. The lead designer notes that this is something he would “like to have corrected” if he got the chance to do it all over again.

“So I think in the third game, if it happens, that the character will start with more powers, more skills, more abilities as his basic skill set,” Smektała concluded. It’s a frank and honest assessment from the lead designer, and merely three months after Dying Light 2 originally launched in February.

Still, there’s plenty of opportunities for developers like Smektała to build on Dying Light 2. Developer Techland previously pledged to support the sequel with new content for years to come, and we’ve already seen a number of add-on launches for Dying Light 2 over the last few months. The game’s first post-launch story DLC, however, just recently got pushed back to a September release.

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