Does Dying Light 2 have new game plus?

Is there a Dying Light 2 new game plus mode for you to try after you complete the story? Given that there are so many choices you can make in Dying Light 2, wanting to replay the game again is certainly something the most dedicated players will do to see the effect of their choices. However, if you’re expecting to find a more hardcore mode once you’ve rolled the credits, you’re going to be disappointed, unfortunately. Here are the details on a new game plus mode in Dying Light 2.

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Is there new game plus in Dying Light 2?

Currently, there is no new game plus mode in Dying Light 2 for when you complete the story. It’s possible that Techland could add such an option as part of their plan to update Dying Light 2 for five years. Given that the first Dying Light game had new game plus, it’s certainly possible that such an option will be implemented at some point, but we are yet to hear anything since Dying Light 2 has only just launched. Keep an eye out for any news from Techland about future updates to the game.

However, it’s not like this game is short of things to do. Replaying the game will allow you to see how certain choices affect the course of the story and even the possible Dying Light 2 endings. Even if you do finish the story and complete the epilogue, you’ll be led back into an endgame state where you can tidy up all the other activities and side quests available in Villedor. There are lots of Dying Light 2 Inhibitors to collect, Military Convoys and Airdrops to loot, and Forsaken Stores and Dark Hollows to plunder at night.

Techland has recently been focusing efforts on a Dying Light 2 multiplayer fix for co-op, as players have reported issues with disconnections and replicating AI dead bodies when exploring Villedor with other players. Other issues include a long or infinite Dying Light 2 black screen and some players not being able to sell valuables to vendors. Some upcoming patches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox should sort out a lot of these problems, so if you’re looking for things to do to freshen up your Dying Light 2 experience, you could replay the story with a few friends as you make different choices.

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