All Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out choices explained

The Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out quest has you investigating the murder of Peacekeeper Commander Lucas and the whereabouts of his Lazarus weapon for Aitor. During your investigation, you might meet meet Berislav and Brooks, and you’ll have to negotiate with Maya for the Lazarus. This comes after your attempt to scurry through the Dying Light 2 metro tunnels with Hakon, leaving you face to face with the Peacekeepers for the first time. In order to get the aid of the Peacekeepers in reaching the Central Loop, you’ll need to work on the investigation and report in to Aitor. Here is every choice and consequence for speaking to Aitor, Berislav, Brooks, and Maya during The Only Way Out story quest in Dying Light 2.

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Help Aitor with the murder investigation or say you have your own affairs?

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out story quest Aitor peacekeeper interrogation choice

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After skulking your way through the metro tunnels and unfortunately getting rumbled by the Peacekeepers guarding them, you’ll be questioned by Aitor. He’ll explain to you that he’s currently acting as the Peacekeeper leader after Commander Lucas was murdered. He also reckons that finding Lucas’ Lazarus brass knuckles are the key to finding the killer. However, Aitor wants to recruit you for the investigation and look into any suspicious Bazaar survivors. At this point you can either try to help Aitor or tell him that you have your own affairs to sort out.

Try to help Aitor in Dying Light 2 

Telling Aitor that you’ll try to help means he’ll strike a deal with you and will agree to let you be one of the first through the tunnel but only once the killer is brought to justice. Other than that, he’ll gladly let you go so that you can start helping with the investigation and meet with Hakon.

Say I have my own affairs in Dying Light 2 

Telling Aitor that you have your own affairs will cause you to say you don’t want to get involved in the Peacekeeper-Survivor conflict and brush off Aitor’s proposal. He lets you go but warns you that cooperation with the Peacekeepers can pay off, again leaving you to speak with Hakon. Afterwards, when you’re walking about the Peacekeeper HQ, you can optionally speak to Aitor. Doing so will just cause him to persuade you to join the investigation again but there are no choices to make during this conversation.

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out story quest Aitor peacekeeper optional conversation

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Regardless of your decision, it is inevitable that you will help Aitor, because speaking to Hakon after you’ve met Aitor is what kickstarts the investigation for this Dying Light 2 quest. Obviously if you agree to help Aitor, Hakon will be on board with your decision. However, if you tell Aitor that you have your own affairs, Hakon will remind you that there is no other way to get to the center of Villedor without Aitor’s help, so you must help with the investigation and your responses to Aitor have no effect on the overall story for this quest.

Don’t pay Maya for the Lazarus or negotiate in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out story quest Maya Lazarus choice

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Towards the end of The Only Way Out story quest, you’ll need to track down Maya, the thief with the Lazarus brass knuckles. Once you follow the directions given to you by Hubert — who you’ll also meet when you have to split the goods or fight in Dying Light 2 The Ball is in Your Court side quest —  you’ll eventually find two children bickering in a hidden bedroom. Turns out the young girl is actually the Maya you’re looking for with the Lazarus weapon. After questioning her about how she got the weapon and that you need it for important world-saving reasons, Maya insists that you pay her 500 money for it.

Not paying Maya the 500 money will just cause her to give up and hand over the Lazarus to you to get it out of her hands. Alternatively, if you negotiate to lower the price, she’ll agree to sell it for a measly 10 money. This means that refusing to pay Maya is technically the best option, but it’ll only set you back 10 money, which is a tiny amount, even in the early stages of the game. We’ve got more Dying Light 2 tips, including how to make money by selling valuable.

Tell Berislav you’re a Pilgim or no one?

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out story quest Berislav peacekeeper choice

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You’ll be hanging around the Peacekeeper station HQ in the Quarry End zone of Old Villedor a fair bit during The Only Way Out quest. During this quest, you might end up speaking to two Peacekeepers – Berislav and Brooks. If you speak to Berislav, he’ll ask you who you are. You’ll then be forced into answering either “no one” or “a Pilgrim”. While the game suggests that this is a critical choice due to the diverging arrows, we did not notice any immediate or lasting consequences from either choice. Berislav has a slightly different response depending on your answer, but the conversation ends after that and you can’t talk to Berislav again.

Tell Brooks you don’t want to join the Peacekeepers or you’re not sure?

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out story quest Brooks peacekeeper choice

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Like Berislav, you’ll find Brooks hanging around the Old Villedor Peacekeeper HQ. If you start a conversation with him, he’ll suddenly ask if you want to join the Peacekeepers. To this, you can either respond with “I don’t want to” or “I’m not sure”. Both are very non-committal answers and, as with Berislav, the conversation ends shortly after with no obvious consequences in the moment or later in the story for either choice. So when it comes to speaking to either of these Peacekeeper soldiers, don’t worry too much about your answer. Respond in a way that feels true to your Aiden’s attitude and enjoy their responses.

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