Go to Aitor or Sophie in the Dying Light 2 Raid quest?

In the Dying Light 2 The Raid quest, you’ll need to make some important choices, including whether you’ll go to Aitor or Sophie at the Tango Motel. With tensions rising between the Bazaar Survivors and Peacekeepers, this Dying Light 2 choice is certainly a critical one that will affect how you proceed through the next quest. Here is every choice and the consequences for going to Aitor or Sophie, and how you offer to help Sophie during The Raid quest in Dying Light 2.

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Go to Aitor or Sophie at the Tango Motel in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 The Raid story quest go to aitor or sophie decision

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After rescuing Carl from the now safe Bandit Camp, you’ll find that Sophie is not responding to her radio and need to get to her Tango Motel safehouse as quickly as possible. As you arrive, Hakon will remind you that telling Aitor what you’ve learned so far from your Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out choices, might get you a shot through the metro tunnels to reach the Villedor Central Loop. At this point you’ll be presented with these choices: do you go to Sophie and help her or go to Aitor and report your findings on Commander Lucas’s murder.

Go to Aitor

Dying Light 2 The Raid story quest meeting with Aitor about water tower

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If you follow Hakon’s advice and decide to report what you’ve done so far, you’ll be directed to report back to Aitor at the Peacekeeper station HQ. He’ll tell you that the Peacekeepers plan on taking control of Jack and Joe’s water tower to tip the scales in their favor for their investigation by weakening the Bazaar survivors. After this conversation, you’ll complete The Raid story quest and begin the journey to make the Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice to advance the story and the faction war within Old Villedor.

Go to Sophie in the Tango Motel

Dying Light 2 The Raid story quest Barney confrontation

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Going against Hakon’s advice and sticking to your promise to Sophie will cause you to barge straight into the Tango Motel. You’ll find that it is littered with dead Peacekeepers who were trapped by the Bazaar Survivors. After searching the motel for Sophie, you’ll reach the roof and find a radio belonging to a dead Peacekeeper with Aitor trying to get through. As you respond to Aitor, you’ll get discovered by Barney, leading to him accusing you of being a traitor.

Barney will set some Survivor goons on you, so you’ll have to fight them, but luckily they’re not particularly capable fighters. When you try to leave the roof, you’ll be greeted to a boss fight with Sophie’s bodyguard, Hermann, who will cause the roof to collapse. After defeating him, Hakon will save you with a ladder back to the roof and will suggest that Barney has something to hide and that he needs to be found.

After finding a gated saferoom within the motel, you’ll see Barney and Sophie wielding a crossbow on the other side of the gate. She’ll tell you that the people of the Bazaar are desperate and need that water tower to survive, leading you to your next choice. Will you say that you can help each other or will you test Sophie and say “try me”?

We can help each other

Dying Light 2 The Raid story quest sophie and barney choice

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Deciding that you think you and Sophie can help each other will lead to yet another choice to simply confirm exactly how you want to proceed. You’ll be asked if you definitely want to help Sophie and can respond either yes or no. Choosing “yes” will side you with the Bazaar Survivors and Sophie for now, and she’ll give you the quest to take back the Water Tower from Jack and Joe. However, we’re not sure what exactly happens when you say “no” to Sophie, but we reckon this choice is to give you a chance to back out of helping Sophie if you change your mind.

Try me!

Dying Light 2 The Raid story quest sophie try me outcome

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If you’re set on trying to help with Aitor’s investigation, picking the “try me!” option during this confrontation will cause you to question Sophie and Barney about who killed Commander Lucas. While you don’t really learn anything new, Sophie says that you’re more use to her alive than dead, for now, and leaves the motel with Barney. With nothing else to go on with the Bazaar Survivors, you’re forced to head back to Aitor to update him on the investigation and he’ll give you the Water Tower quest.

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