Dying Light 2 trick lets players land from any height without fall damage

Dying Light 2 players have discovered you can survive a fall from any height, as long as you land on a car.

In the gameplay clip below, posted to TikTok earlier this week, a player demonstrates how you can safely land from any height in Dying Light 2. Simply put, all you need to do is land on a car – from any height whatsoever – and you can survive with zero damage. Hell, the person below actually jumps off the highest building in the game and still survives by landing on a car.

If you thought this was a glitch on the part of the player just above, you’d be mistaken. Just below, you can check out another clip of a player jumping off the top of a skyscraper and landing on a car with zero fall damage. There really are some death-defying daredevils in action around Dying Light 2’s massive city.

What’s amazing is this trick is actually very easy to miss. We had absolutely no idea about this feature in Dying Light 2 in over 30 hours spent with Techland’s sequel, because we’re actually not purposefully launching ourselves off skyscrapers and forgetting to open our paraglider before we go splat.

A brief investigation into Dying Light’s past shows this feature was actually present in the original game, as you can see via this YouTube (opens in new tab) clip. It’d be easy to think that the feature is a bug in Dying Light 2, but the fact that it was in the original game seems to run counter to this.

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