Dying Light 2s latest update adds New Game Plus and improves co-op

Dying Light 2’s new patch introduces a New Game Plus mode and fixes for the game’s co-op.

From today, you can extend your zombie slaying spree with a New Game Plus mode for Dying Light 2, included as part of the game’s 1.3.0 update. After finishing Dying Light 2, you can now go all the way back to the beginning and mix things up with modified game parameters that Techland says will “significantly alter the gameplay style”.

The new additions include 30 inhibitors to increase your maximum health and stamina, new platinum objectives for parkour challenges, a new legendary weapon tier and gold encounters. Techland looks to be significantly upping the ante for New Game Plus with updated enemy distribution and enemy difficulty that scales with your level. The added content will only be available on your second playthrough of Dying Light 2.

Update 1.3.0 also fixes many of the issues with the game’s co-op that players have been facing since launch. Better stability and improved game performance are among a host of changes that should make for a smoother experience when tackling the zombie hordes with friends. 

A new quest that’s sinisterly titled “Something Big Has Been Here” adds another brand of mutated infected, and decreased damage output has made enemies with bows “less annoying”. There’s also an added FOV slider for PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as numerous other bug fixes and quality of life improvements. You can see everything that’s new in the full patch notes here (opens in new tab)

The second entry in the Dying Light series is off to a strong start, with over 5 million copies sold

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